Denvah Teams Up With Morgan Evans In 'Australian Idol' Duet

25 March 2024 | 9:35 am | Mary Varvaris

Duetting with style and a whole lotta fun, Denvah looked and sounded like a well-rounded superstar alongside Morgan Evans.

Morgan Evans, Denvah

Morgan Evans, Denvah (Source: Supplied)

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Denvah brought country music to the Australian Idol stage last night (24 March), performing a Keith Urban classic and duetting with Morgan Evans on the first of the show’s two-part finale.

For her solo performance, Denvah delivered one of her most energetic shows to date, honouring Keith Urban with one of his most successful hits, Days Go By. But Denvah’s dream came true later in the night when she sang Thank God She’s A Country Girl with Morgan Evans.

Duetting with style and a whole lotta fun, Denvah looked and sounded like a well-rounded superstar alongside Evans. You can watch a video of the performance below.

Before joining Denvah on stage, Evans posted an Instagram video discussing his appearance on the Australian Idol stage. “We just got done with the first rehearsal for Australian Idol tonight,” Evans said after arriving in Sydney.

“I’m playing on there—there’s a country chick named Denvah. She’s in the top three, and we’re doing Thank God She’s A Country Girl together. If you’re in Australia, tune in for that, throw her a vote, and I think she’s awesome.”

Later, taking to his Instagram stories, Evans wrote that he “loved” singing with Denvah.

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The winner of this year’s season of Australian Idol will be revealed tonight. Denvah will compete against fellow country-based singer Dylan Wright (who performed alongside Shannon Noll last night) and soon-to-be pop star Amy Reeves (who performed with Conrad Sewell).

Last month, Countrytown pondered whether Australian Idol would deliver a country music winner this year. With the genre's increasing popularity down under and the love shown to Denvah and Dylan Wright this season, it’s looking more and more likely each day.

The winner of Australian Idol will take home a $100,000 cash prize and, importantly, a recording contract with Sony Music Australia. You can watch the results reveal on Channel 7 and 7plus at 7:30 pm tonight.