The Best Mullets In Australian Country Music, Ranked

24 August 2023 | 12:40 pm | Mary Varvaris

Countrytown is here with the best mullets in Australian country music, chosen by our readers.

Lane Pittman & Jake Whittaker

Lane Pittman & Jake Whittaker (Source: Supplied)

More Lane Pittman More Lane Pittman

Earlier this week, Countrytown opened the polls and comment sections to readers and asked, Who has the best mullet in country music?

With the wonderful community we have, the answers poured in quickly, offering up a heap of suggestions Countrytown just had to use in an article.

While David Bowie, Rihanna and most recently, heavy metal singer Corey Taylor have shown off thick mullets, country music also has a ton of wonderful/horrible hairstyles, depending on your outlook.

Taste Of Country, Country 1025, Hank FM and Whiskey Riff have all recently ranked the best mullets in country music, citing Billy Ray Cyrus, Vince Gill, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks at the 1994 Super Bowl and Travis Tritt, amongst others, but today, Countrytown is here with a drop in the Australian mullet scene, chosen by you.

6. Jeremy Turner

South Queensland’s Jeremy Turner has a magnificent mullet. It’s one you can’t see in press photos – he’s wearing a hat – but in Instagram photos, you can see Turner’s haircut in all its glory.

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With his country twang and rock and roll grit, Turner candidly told the heartbreaking tale of She Keeps Comin’ Around in a recent Countrytown video premiere.

Turner told Countrytown, “I think whilst listening via radio and streaming, you paint your own picture. However, seeing the clip, you see it from my side of the fence... I feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with this amazing team and believe they have taken She Keeps Comin’ Around to a higher level with the perfect clip!”

5. Blake Dantier

Not quite the long, flowing mullet of Jeremy Turner, Blake Dantier’s hair is a bit more reigned in, but he still rocks the mullet, nonetheless.

Earlier this year, Dantier became a father, with his wife and fellow country artist Cass Hopetoun welcoming their first child, a daughter named Sophia Rose. What will she think of her dad’s mullet?

4. Dan Stanley Freeman

Dan Stanley Freeman, Fanny Lumsden’s husband and bass player, has a straight, shoulder-length mullet that would make AFL players and fellow country musicians proud. He even rocked it with his wife at the 2023 APRA Awards red carpet.

Writing on Instagram after the release of Lumsden’s new album, Hey Dawn, Stanley Freeman wrote, “I believed in you from the moment we met under the dinosaurs all those years ago, and these songs you’ve written become the vessels for this crazy adventure that is our life, I couldn’t be more grateful, here’s to you and here’s to Hey Dawn.”

3. Jake Whittaker

Now, that’s a mullet. Jake Whittaker has a long, thick, red head of hair, stretching to his shoulders with a massive grin on his face.

In under two weeks, Whittaker will drop his new single, Later. You can check out some of the brilliant mullet-filled press shots below.

2. Tom Wolfe (of The Wolfe Brothers)

Tom Wolfe has a more “modern” mullet – slicked back and shaved at the sides but still connects to his sideburns and eventual beard. Looking at him, he still looks like an ordinary bloke despite topping the Countrytown chart with his brother in The Wolfe Brothers earlier this year.

In October, The Wolfe Brothers will perform at the Gold Coast’s Groundwater Music Festival. You can find the entire second artist announcement – which the duo headline – here.

1. Lane Pittman

You can’t get past a mullet like Lane Pittman’s. The 17-year-old sensation recently opened for Luke Combs on the hitmaker’s recent Australian tour.

Describing the “full-circle” moment of opening for the US superstar – Pittman performed Combs’ Even Though I’m Leaving on The Voice Australia in 2022 – the singer told the enthusiastic Brisbane audience, “I’ll be outside near the Canadian Club tent. Grab a drink and a photo!” In January, Pittman was crowned the 2023 Toyota Best of the Buskers champion.

Honourable mention: Josh Setterfield

Josh Setterfield just missed out on making this list with his “mull-hawk” – a mullet crossed with a mohawk, but we couldn’t resist including his hairstyle efforts somehow.

Mullet obituary: Morgan Wallen

RIP to Morgan Wallen’s longstanding mullet. The reveal was captured by fans on TikTok earlier this month, where Wallen said: “Before we get any further… I didn’t like my long hair anymore, so I shaved it off.” The facial hair is also gone along with the mullet, making the makeover even more marked.