BREAKING: Morgan Wallen Shaves Off Signature Mullet

12 August 2023 | 4:09 pm | Staff Writer

Fans were left shocked as Wallen took the stage in the US... minus his locks.

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen (Via Tik Tok)

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Morgan Wallen fans at a show in Columbus Ohio were left stunned tonight as the Last Night hitmaker took the stage with his trademark mullet shaved off beneath a red baseball cap.

Captured by fans on TikTok, Wallen said: “Before we get any further… I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off.”

Fans cheered in the audience, but the social media reaction to the image change has been mixed.

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Along with the mullet, the facial hair is also gone, making the makeover even more marked.

Countrytown’s Morgan Wallen cardboard cutout competition has one more week to go and we can confirm that the cutout DOES have the mullet and facial hair… the perfect way to remember Morgan’s good old days.

Fans have said the new look makes him appear younger, while others are suggesting that we might see a mass exodus of mullets from other country stars in response.

With or without hair, Wallen is the biggest star in country right now, with Last Night announced as the biggest country radio hit in Australia so far this year and his recent Australian tour breaking records.

Countrytown’s review said: “When Wallen came on stage, the noise of excitement filled the stadium. He then delighted audiences to a 25-song set including You Proof, One Thing At A Time, Sand In My Boots, This Bar, More Than My Hometown and more. He also performed a cover of Jason Isbell’s Cover Me Up as well as a medley of Dangerous, 7 Summers, Silverado for Sale and Still Goin’ Down.

The screens behind him lit up with various designs, including a montage of childhood family photos and illuminated lyrics. There were also fire cannons during the rockier songs and fans lit up their photos during the slower ballads. At times, Wallen had his guitar or was seated at a grand piano.

Dressed in an olive green long sleeved fitted t-shirt, blue jeans with brown belt and backwards orange cap on Friday, Wallen danced around the stage and interacted with fans in the mosh section.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, with Wallen hit by a splash of beer while performing Everything I Love. While he did not pause the song, after it was over, he ordered security to eject the culprit, saying “One of y'all own up to it, or I'm gonna throw your whole f*cking group out.”