Melody Moko Welcomes Baby Girl

22 June 2024 | 10:14 am | Mary Varvaris

Melody has had her fourth child with her husband and musician/producer Michael Moko.

Melody & Michael Moko at the 2024 Golden Guitar Awards

Melody & Michael Moko at the 2024 Golden Guitar Awards (Source: Supplied)

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Melody Moko has welcomed a baby girl, Meadow Lenni, her fourth child, with her husband and musician/producer Michael Moko.

Meadow Lenni was born on Thursday (20 June). Melody’s good friend and fellow Americana artist, Natalie Henry, helped Melody through the labour, and so did Michael.

On Friday (21 June), Melody introduced Meadow Lenni to the world with a series of gorgeous photos and a candid caption.

“What a wonderful entrance you made,” Melody wrote, adding that Meadow Lenni was “surrounded by love” with Michael and Natalie by her side.

She added, “Welcome to life, ours is pretty fab and we can’t wait to see what you bring to it.”

Congratulations to the Moko family! You can view the photos of Meadow Lenni below.

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Meadow Lenni. Courtesy of Melody Moko.

Melding contemporary and edgy lyrical content with finely finessed Americana production, Moko’s third albumSuburban Dream (released in February 2023), examines life as a wife in suburbia. Moko put her life under a microscope, magnifying the struggles and joys she experienced over the past two years.

Moko explained the concept behind the single Jesus Year, “Jesus Year came about from a concept my manager wanted me to embody. A Jesus year is your 33rd year, a year where you are reborn in some sense.

“I felt that after suffering badly with Post Natal Depression after the birth of my 3rd child, I had recovered as a ‘better’ person than I had been going into it. This song celebrates the idea that out of adversity comes triumph.”

You can find Countrytown’s exclusive (uncensored) airing of her music video, Jesus Yearhere.

Following the release of Suburban Dream, she appeared at the BIGSOUND music festival and conference event and starred in the latest season of the Channel 9 series Parental Guidance with her family.

In October, Moko submitted her music for consideration for this year’s Grammy Awards.