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Melody Moko On Heading To BIGSOUND: 'I Love The Broad Range Of Corners Country Is Inhabiting'

30 August 2023 | 11:13 am | Mary Varvaris

Ahead of her appearance at BIGSOUND 2023, Australian singer Melody Moko reveals the artists she's most excited to see and what she hopes to take away from the conference and music event.

Melody Moko

Melody Moko (Credit: Jazmyn Produces)

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In February, Melody Moko released her emotionally charged third album, Suburban Dream. Outside of the album, it’s been a hectic twelve months for the Adelaide-born-and-raised singer, who seeks to inspire conversations and even change in her advocacy efforts.

Last year, Moko and her manager, Kaz Waters, teamed up to launch Rebel And Roar, a brand that supports empowerment and change in the music industry. Moko and Waters advocate for more women to be played on the radio and booked for festivals and other live music events, a mission that never gets less important over time.

Moko’s musical and activism efforts should make her the ideal candidate for showcase artist and conference speaker at BIGSOUND 2023.

Melding contemporary and edgy lyrical content with finely finessed Americana production, Suburban Dream is an exploration of life as a wife in suburbia, with Moko putting her life under a microscope, magnifying the struggles and joys she’s experienced over the past two years. You can find Countrytown’s exclusive premiere of her music video, Jesus Year, here.

Moko commented in a press release, “Suburban Dream was born from darkness and depression; the record is a diary entry into what it looks like to hit rock bottom and documents both the downfall and the recovery; it’s equal parts hopeful and hopeless.”

The album follows her wildly successful release, Two Kids and A Radio, which saw Melody bring home a QMA Award, a Golden Guitar Award and a nomination for the prestigious Australian Music Prize. Read on to find out more about Moko’s upcoming BIGSOUND journey.

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Elevator pitch: Describe yourself as an artist and your music…

Feeling laden, kinda Americana with an Australian sensibility made to be relatable to those who have lived life and felt things, always boundary-pushing and never boring.

What has been the biggest turning point in your career so far?

Definitely managing a career that was peaking whilst also caring for a family and bringing a third baby into the world. It taught me to swim and not sink and showed me how strong and important I am in both of those spaces, and the cohesion of both created what I now feel is the "Melody Moko" sound.

Which other country act are you most excited to see at BIGSOUND and why?

Loren Ryan!! Yeah the girls.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the country music scene in Australia?

I love the broad range of corners country is inhabiting, kicking goals in more mainstream spaces while also being heard and appreciated by more indie crowds. I would love to see more women being given the billing they deserve and played as widely as males.

What do you hope to take away from BIGSOUND 2023?

Strengthening connections with my musical family and making connections with the broader musical community, plus bringing Melody Moko spice to Brisbane!

Suburban Dream is out now. Melody Moko will appear at BIGSOUND 2023. You can check out the BIGSOUND schedule here.