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10 Melody Moko Songs You Should Hear

31 May 2023 | 2:03 pm | Mallory Arbour

Here are ten Melody Moko songs you need to hear.

Melody Moko

Melody Moko (Image: Supplied)

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The reality television series Parental Guidance returns to Channel 9 on Monday, June 5. Award-winning singer-songwriter Melody Moko and her family, producer and guitarist husband Michael Moko and three young children – Miller, Maggie and Maisy, are one of twelve sets of parents who will examine, compare and look at their parenting through fresh eyes.

According to media week, “This new series has a special focus on raising kids in the digital age, from the rise of influencer parenting to the dark side of online gaming and the internet. The essentials of parenting are also explored in depth, from dealing with tantrums to sibling rivalry and driving kids to succeed. Viewers have the chance to reflect, learn and even level up their own parenting.” 

as far as crazy ideas go, we epitomise them, this is up there with the loopiest, learn and laugh with us, i promjse both...

Posted by Melody Moko on Monday, May 29, 2023

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To celebrate the singer-songwriter appearing in the series, here are ten Melody Moko songs you need to hear.


10. Last Cigarette

Last Cigarette compares the grip of nicotine to a troubled relationship, co-written with Catherine Britt, it was the last track written for the album, Two Kids & A Radio, but hit with such force in the studio, with producer Neilson Hubbard suggesting it was “The best song Melody has ever written.”

9. Hard Candy Christmas

In 2021, Melody dropped a stellar version of Dolly Parton’s classic Christmas song, Hard Candy Christmas, written by Carol Hall for the 1982 musical The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. The phrase ‘hard candy Christmas’ refers to a time when families who did not have much money could only afford to give hard candy to their children at Christmas. The hard candy metaphor suggests that life can simultaneously be hard and sweet.

8. Never Get High

Released in celebration of International Women’s Day, Melody released Never Get High – one of the staples during her live set that gets everyone unconsciously moving along to the groove. Never Get High is one of the raunchier moments that always raise a few eyebrows. 

“With a New Orleans second line inspired vibe, Never Get High is an irreverent innuendo filled track that compares the pull of illicit substances to sexual desire,” says Melody. “With a definite Margo Price influence, Never Get High is the I Touch Myself anthem of the record.” 

7. Mama

Fan favourite Mama was the third single from Melody's album, Two Kids & A Radio

“I found, as a mum, and as a woman, I was always being asked by all the other mums, what my REAL job was,” says Melody. “Mama is for the doubters, the ones who always ask musicians when they are going to get a real job. I just got tired of being asked that question, so I wrote this song instead – it’s one of my favourite feels on the record.”

6. ‘Till The Day I Die Feat. Michael Moko

‘Till The Day I Die is a romantic duet between the husband and wife. Melody says, “Michael and I wrote this the day before we left to make the record. I wrote my verse for him like a letter, and he wrote his back to me, and we came together to write the chorus. I love that we did it like this because it’s authentically each of our voices writing these sweet nothings!”

5. Save Me Rock N’ Roll

Save Me Rock N’ Roll was the eighth and final single released from Two Kids and A Radio. The song tells the story of a musician, who constantly feels they are falling short regardless of working themself to the bone.

4. Like Hank Would

The video for Like Hank Would features Melody drowning her misery with alcohol in an empty home. It's confronting but, in a way, cathartic taking our sadness and stuffing it into a bottle then down the drain. Melody was awarded ‘New Talent Of The Year’ for the song at the 2021 Golden Guitar Awards and ‘Country Song of the Year’ at the QMAs.

3. Jesus Year

Jesus Year made waves after the accompanying music video directed by Jazmyn Produces, was banned by a major US network. The uncensored version was premiered by us here.

"Jazmyn, Kaz and I wanted to make a powerful visual message to support the track, which is a song about rebirth after a mental health crisis, so in including 'that scene' we believe we were representing the intensity of how that situation feels – I never assumed it would be considered gory! I also strongly support art without censorship. Being part of a genre and wider industry that visually represents the objectification of women and sexism in music videos regularly, I am quite taken aback that a bit of fake blood causes a video to be banned."

2. The Outskirts

Released in late 2022, The Outskirts introduced fans to the bold new sound with an almost indie, but always country, take on life in suburbia. The single received high rotation on ABC Country and CMT, numerous Apple Music playlists and entered the Radio Monitor charts at number #31.

1. Ain’t What You Used To Be

Her latest single, Ain’t What You Used To Be, sees Melody reacquaint herself with her inner rock attitude and channel it into a biting, Americana anthem. “First of all - the guitars on this track slay! They are probably the best guitar parts on any Melody Moko song ever,” she says. “I’d been listening to an intense amount of Sheryl Crow here, you can hear it.”


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