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Good Time is a stellar debut from Niko Moon - Song Of The Day

8 October 2020 | 12:39 pm | Staff Writer

Niko Moon stepped out with debut single as an artist Good Time. It nails the transition from sun-drenched vibes into moonlit party atmosphere.

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Long time songwriter Niko Moon stepped out in September with his debut single as an artist Good Time. Perfectly suited for its title, it's a dead-set good time that nails the transition from sun-drenched vibes into moonlit party atmosphere.

"Out of all the songs, lyrically, it sums up exactly what I'm trying to say to the world, and the message I'm trying to bring. And it's the simplest message ever: Life is short! Have a good time. Life is stressful enough as it is. I just wanna help people, if they're a little stressed out or whatever, be able to come to a show and just for that hour, forget about it for a moment, and have fun with their family and friends." Said Niko.

For years Niko Moon has been behind the pen and paper writing songs for Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts and more. Good Time is his debut as a solo artist, and it's been a success.

Good Time currently #22 on the Billboard country airplay chart and just earned Niko his first gold single as a solo artist.

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"I am beyond excited that ‘Good Time’ is my first gold record as an artist! I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. From country radio and streaming, to my team, to the people who have embraced this song and listened to it over and over. I am so blessed. And of course, Cody Alan who helped break this news! It’s so humbling and I’m just happy to be able spread positivity through country music." Said Niko.

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