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Zach Bryan Injured In Horrifying Car Crash

16 May 2024 | 9:50 am | Mary Varvaris

Zach Bryan's girlfriend said the car "flipped a bunch of times" in a "traumatising" car crash.

Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan (Source: Supplied)

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Zach Bryan and his girlfriend, Brianna ChickenfryLaPaglia, walked away from a “traumatising” car crash just three nights ago.

LaPaglia, a podcaster who’s popular on TikTok, shared a video where she discussed the accident. “Two nights ago, Zach and I got into a traumatising side-by-side car crash. It flipped a bunch of times. Everything shattered, and thank God we had our seatbelts on.”

She continued, “There was a lot of blood, and we thought… we were, like, saying goodbye to each other. After the ambulance came and he got all stitched up, we were like, ‘Oh my God, thank God. Didn’t hit an artery. It was just a huge gash.’

“We were OK. We are happy and alive.”

In another video, LaPaglia emphasised that wearing seatbelts saved her and Bryan’s lives.

“I will be that annoying person,” she continued, “I will spend the rest of my life saying, ‘Wear your seat belts.’ I've always been a seat belt wearer because my parents always made me. And, in high school, a neighbourhood friend passed away and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

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“But I was never the person to be like, ‘Put your seat belt on. Wear a seat belt.’ I was like, ‘People are gonna do what they want to do.’ Not anymore.”

She stated, “If we didn't have our seat belts on, we would literally be decapitated — broken necks or dead.”

At the time of publication, Zach Bryan hasn’t commented on the accident. You can watch LaPaglia’s videos below.

After the accident, Bryan and his band went on to play a show in Arkansas on his Quittin’ Time tour.

In other recent Zach Bryan news, the singer has revealed that his new album, The Great American Bar Scene, is on the way.

“The record is called The Great American Bar Scene, and I feel lucky to be breathin’,” Bryan wrote on Instagram alongside recent teasers,

Bryan's new music has been coming for a long time. In January, the singer wrote on social media that he was “about half done” with his next album.

In addition to teasing on social media, Bryan has uploaded new songs, 28 and Like Ida, on YouTube. After the success of his self-titled album, it’s fair to assume that whatever follows will be massive and draw even more listeners to country music.