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Pete Cullen Drops Genre-Bending Single ‘Disco Cowboy’

28 March 2024 | 7:46 am | Ellie Robinson

“It’s lighthearted, fun and makes me feel good!”

Pete Cullen

Pete Cullen (Supplied)

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Pete Cullen has returned with his second new release for 2024, a truly unpredictable banger called Disco Cowboy.

True to its title and tongue-in-cheek cover art, the song bridges Cullen’s sonic roots in outlaw country with flavours of ‘70s disco and funk.

In a press release, Cullen himself said of the track’s genesis: “I’ve never been a dancer, but sometimes, late at night when a banger comes on, I have been enticed to hit the floorboards. I guess that’s what inspired this song. It’s lighthearted, fun and makes me feel good!”

Have a listen to Disco Cowboy below:

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Cullen made waves back in January with the release of his first single for the year, Gone Country Again. It followed the two standalone singles that arrived in 2023, Heart Of Steel (which hit streaming platforms last February) and Chase The Dream (which followed in October).

He’s also said to be working on the full-length follow-up to his fourth studio album, High Tide, which landed in September of 2019 as the debut effort from Pete Cullen & The Hurt. Prior to that release, Cullen’s last solo album was 2017’s No Way Out.

Reviewing his set at last year’s Groundwater Country Music Festival, Jess Martyn wrote for Countrytown that “Pete made the best of a small stage, working hard to keep the crowd engaged”.