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New Music Wrap Up: Darlinghurst, Natalie Pearson, Hayley Marsten and more!

14 May 2021 | 12:29 pm | Mallory Arbour

From Darlinghurst to Natalie Pearson, Charlie Collins and Hayley Marsten and so many more, here’s a wrap up of 12 new releases in the Aussie country world!

Aussies have been delivering the goods lately! With a tonne of new releases lately, there’s a handful of artists we are still keen to share! From Darlinghurst to Natalie Pearson, Charlie Collins and Hayley Marsten and so many more, here’s a wrap up of 12 new releases in the Aussie country world!

Darlinghurst – Unfaithful

Since their debut single, Sorry We Won’t Get Back To You in June 2019, Darlinghurst have been blazing a path through Australian country music. The four-piece Melbourne band were nominated for ‘Best New Talent’ at the 2020 Golden Guitar Awards and have netted five consecutive top 5 radio chart hits (3 of which peaked at #1). Unfaithful is a foot-stomping song about the betrayal of one’s trust, caused by another’s ulterior motives.

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Krystal Cameron – Wanted The Whiskey

Melbourne-based country singer-songwriter, Krystal Cameron’s new single, Wanted the Whiskey, landed at #1 on the iTunes Country Songs chart. Recorded with fellow country artist and producer, Jake Davey, at Jake Davey Studios, Wanted the Whiskey carries a strong sense of nostalgia, recalling a failed romantic relationship and exploring common modern dating themes of wasted time and confusion.

Brock Colley – No Mascara

No Mascara is the kind of song that just makes you feel better about yourself. With its upbeat, positive groove and 'straight to the heart' lyrics, it is empowering, big and uplifting. No Mascara is the follow up to his 2020 single, One Kind of Beautiful, which hit over 10,000 Spotify steams in the first few days of release. As well as releasing music for himself and touring, Brock is writing and co-writing songs for and with other artists from all around the globe.

Natalie Pearson – Strong Man

Natalie Pearson returns with yet another confident message in her latest single, Strong Man. Having garnered solid industry and fan attention in the last few years, Natalie once again showcases her vocals in this edgy foot-stomping country pop/rock groove that will have you pulling bass face as you get into the soul of the song. The track follows the successful releases of fan favourites Let Em Talk and an inspiring re-imagined version of You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Hayley Marsten – Grocery Line

Following in the footsteps of her idol, Taylor Swift, Hayley Marsten has re-worked songs from her previous album for her upcoming four-track EP, Spectacular. Written with Melody Moko, the first song dropped is Grocery Line (Spectacular Version). Hayley says, “This song felt like the aspirational love song when I recorded Spectacular Heartbreak and this version was produced by the person I spend my Sundays at the supermarket with now. Life is surprising sometimes.”

Piper Butcher – Haunting Your Thoughts

Piper Butcher’s debut single Haunting Your Thoughts gives an insight into Piper’s unique sound and fresh style. With Americana meets rock’n’roll influences from the likes of Lukas Nelson, Chris Stapleton and Stevie Nicks, the song stemmed from an idea between both Piper and Toyota Starmaker 2020-21 winner Sammy White, when a troublemaker doesn’t clean up their mess.

Leigha Moore – I Won’t Stop You

Leigha Moore released her new single to radio on her birthday. A bittersweet twist of revitalisation, I Won’t Stop You is the final single lifted from her EP, Ain’t Your Girl No More before she heads in to the studio to record new music. Leigha says, “This song is for anyone that is too chicken to make the first move, I am a little old fashioned that way too... I won’t budge until the first move is made. These days there are no rules - so just go for it.”

Charlie Collins feat. Kasey Chambers – Honey Can We Run Away

Since enchanting audiences all over with her intimate and austere debut ARIA-nominated album Snowpine, Charlie Collins returns with a new single Honey Can We Run Away. Featuring Kasey Chambers, the song is based on Hemingway’s novel Across The River and Into The Sea. Charlie has supported artists Orville Peck, Gang of Youths, Dwight Yoakham and at the early age of 13, played stages with Keith Urban.

Frecko – The Note

Inspired by the romance of Australian story, alt-country duo, Jason and Jack Freckelton, create music that celebrates the simple moments in life including love, loss and everything in between. Produced by Golden Guitar winner, Lachlan Bryan and co-conspirator, Damien Cafarella, The Note is the fourth single lifted from their second album, due for release later this year, and takes us straight to the scene of the crime.

No PROMISES – Ashes & Dust

Written by band members, Janine Garvey and Eric Collier, Ashes & Dust is the first single off South Gippsland’s No PROMISES’ upcoming second album. Earthy vocals, tight harmonies, slick finger-picking guitar, and a rocking country beat flow easily throughout this brand-new track. Born during the COVID-19 period, the band released their debut album Acoustic Sessions Vol 1. in December 2020.

Lily Grace and James Blundell – Annie June

Performed and written by Lily Grace and James Blundell, Annie June is a vibrant and catchy tune about a woman who is portrayed as a home wrecker. She is blamed for tearing apart a family situation even though it wasn’t her fault. The 15-year-old recently opened for Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt on their ‘Love and Lies Tour’ across Queensland, and joined Tania Kernaghan for her concert.

Cornell & Carr – Beer Talk

Cornell & Carr celebrate those people who don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story when they’ve had a few refreshments in their new single. Taking inspiration from singer-songwriters like Brad Paisley and Toby Keith, Beer Talk is the fun, tongue-in-cheek follow-up to the duo’s previous single, What Kind Of World, which peaked at number one on the iTunes chart.

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