Morgan Evans Drops New Festive Song 'Christmas In The Backyard'

24 November 2023 | 10:35 am | Mary Varvaris

Morgan Evans' new Christmas song is a song any Australian fan could relate to.

Morgan Evans

Morgan Evans (Source: Supplied)

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Morgan Evans has released a Christmas song any Australian fan could relate to. Christmas In The Backyard lands today and is the follow-up to Evans’ 2021 festive number, Christmas In The Sun.

Evans teased the new song on Instagram yesterday. Strumming an acoustic guitar in the corner of a room, he said, “Hey, we’re coming to you from Nashville, Tennessee. It’s just started to get really cold here, but I’ve got a Christmas song coming out this Friday about all my favourite summer Christmases growing up in Australia, and also the one I’m hoping to have this year as well.”

After another little lick on the guitar, he continued, “So, I’ve got my Christmassy guitar, my Christmassy step ladder, and this is my Christmas tree this year,” pointing at a fake-looking tree with lights.

Watch the video below to see Evans play Christmas In The Backyard for the first time.

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In December 2021, Countrytown named Christmas In The Sun our Song Of The Day.

Written by Evans alongside co-writers Jimmy Robbins and Parker Welling, the beachy tune exudes the kind of warmth and joy that makes December such a special time.

Evans explained, “Growing up in Australia, all I knew was Christmas in the sun. Sure, we sang all the American Christmas songs and watched all the American Christmas movies, but in reality, we were hanging by the beach or the pool, cooking outside on the barbie and enjoying the heat of summer!

“I’ve missed home a lot the last couple of years, and this song, to me, sounds like Christmas in Australia.”

In 2020, Evans kept the Christmas spirit rolling even as the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic by covering the Mariah Carey classic, All I Want For Christmas Is You.

He said, “I honestly can't think of a song that consistently makes me feel as good as All I Want For Christmas Is You makes me feel.

“In my version, I wanted to make it feel like Christmas felt to me growing up in Australia - it was at the beach, it was catching up with friends, it was all the family coming back to the hometown and catching up around a bonfire. It was really laid back, and I think after this year, we could all use a little more 'laid back' in our lives.”