Melanie Dyer Unveils New Single 'Honeymoonin''

12 January 2024 | 11:46 am | Mary Varvaris

Melanie Dyer's new single explores the "honeymoon phase" at the start of every relationship. She asks, "how do we make it last forever?"

Melanie Dyer

Melanie Dyer (Source: Supplied)

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Happy New Year from Melanie Dyer – today, the Australian country-pop singer unveiled her first new song of the year, Honeymoonin’.

At just two minutes and 50 seconds, Dyer keeps Honeymoonin’ short and sweet (perhaps too short when you can’t get enough of her voice). Embracing her poppier influences, Dyer wasn’t kidding when she described her new song as “vibey” – it’s bright, summery, and relaxing, with romantic undertones any listener can relate to.

In a social media statement, Dyer said about her new song, “HONEYMOONIN’ my new single is out today!!

“This song started as a title from my ‘hook book’ (iPhone notes) and a vibey chord progression from Karen Kosowski. Myself, Karen & [Canadian songwriter] Emma-Lee had the most fun writing this all about that playful ‘Honeymoon phase’ kinda love bubble at the start of every relationship. How do we make it last forever?”

You can listen to Honeymoonin’ below.

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On Honeymoonin’, Dyer worked with producer Karen Kosowski, Leon Zervos at Studios 301 worked on mastering, and Jackson James shot the accompanying single photo.

In September, Countrytown premiered Dyer’s latest music video for Dust. “I knew from the moment we wrote Dust that it needed to have an epic, action-packed music video to go with it; after all, it’s about taking the bull by the horns,” Dyer explained about the music video in a press release. 

Dyer worked with James on the Dust music video, in which she explained, “We shot the music video in three epic locations over three different sunsets, including some brilliant scenes out on the Mundi Mundi plains while I was out there playing the Mundi Mundi Bash. The video follows the story of a little cowboy played by Jack Felton (just four years old), who is an aspiring professional bull rider that looks up to the older cowboys who are riding for the prize.”

Honeymoonin’ follows on from hits such as Memphis T-Shirt, Run Out Of Road, Cheap MoscatoSong For That and Dust.