Kane Brown Bemused By Aussie Fans Potty Mouths On XBox Live

24 September 2022 | 1:10 pm | Stephen Green

'Holy Sh*t mate! He's a headliner!'

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Kane Brown is currently in Australian for a run of shows and blew the minds of some Aussie fans when he dropped in anonymously on an X-Box live party. The One Mississippi singer recounted the story on stage at the CMC Rocks Festival in Queensland, bemused by the potty mouthed fans, Brown joked with the crowd at how much Australians "love the C-word".

"I'm a huge gamer," explained Brown. "I bring my XBox everywhere. Last night I'm playing and I'm in the Australian servers and didn't notice. I'm playing a basketball game and I get invited to a party; four Australians and me and they had no idea who I am."

"The first thing I hear when I join the party is "what's up, you c*nt!" 

"So then they heard my accent and they asked why I was over here and I said I was going to CMC Rocks. They started listing off people that were at the festival and I was like 'nope. nope. nope. nope.' Then I said I was a headliner and they were like.... and I'm going to do a really bad Australian accent.... 'Holy Sh*t mate! He's a headliner'. 

"So the first person they name is Kane Brown and I'm like, 'yeah that's me' and he's like 'No f**king way mate'. They then asked 'what songs do you sing that I'd know?' and I asked what kind of music do you listen to? I have a song with Swae Lee and Khalid called Be Like That. And they are like 'I know that song! What else?' So I said I have a song called One Thing Right with me and Marshmello? And y'all just use cuss words! I'm not gonna keep saying it, but he was cussing every sentence. He was like 'I listen to that song every f*cking day!"

Brown's blistering set at CMC Rocks proved why he's one of the leading lights of the genre. Blowing away the 20,000 strong crowd, the superstar recounted how much he's loving his time in Australia. We can only guess what the anonymous X-Box players thought about meeting one of the biggest artists on the planet in an online basketball game. 

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As for Kane, let's hope he understand that not ALL Australians have the same approach to the English language. Although after few tins, we do love our c*ntry.