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Jon Pardi Isn’t A Fan Of AI Songwriting

30 August 2023 | 10:34 am | Mary Varvaris

"If I'm gonna co-write with AI, it better walk in with a damn coffee mug..."

Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi (Source: Supplied)

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Jon Pardi is someone who has previously told Taste Of Country that “you can't out-write Nashville”. Hence, a community and talent-oriented collaborative relationship is pretty important to the Head Over Boots singer. So, it makes sense that he also isn’t a fan of artificial intelligence (AI) songwriting.

Joining Evan Paul on a new episode of Taste of Country Nights, On Demand, Paul asked Pardi if he’d ever write a song using AI. And, well, Pardi has pretty strong opinions surrounding the controversial subject.

“If I'm gonna co-write with AI, it better walk in with a damn coffee mug and wheel in there and start talking to me, and I'll start asking it damn questions,” Pardi responded.

As Paul laughed, Pardi continued, “I wanna see it in person; I want a damn robot to come in and start writing with Wall-E today. Wall-E's coming in; I'm gonna write with him.” You can listen to the entire chat on Taste Of Country’s media player.

“I didn’t see this one coming,” Pardi told the crowd at Stagecoach Festival after fellow country singer Alan Jackson surprised Pardi with an invite to the Grand Ole Opry, the home of country music in the US.

Pardi continued, “I moved to Nashville chasing a dream at 22 years old, and now I'm here. I love you guys, and I love country music. Thank you, everybody. This is an amazing night. I'll never forget it. I guess if you want to come visit Tennessee, I'll see you at the Grand Ole Opry now.”

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Pardi is officially the 225th member of the Grand Ole Opry.

His latest album, Mr. Saturday Night, was released in September 2022. Mr. Saturday Night was produced by Bart ButlerRyan Gore and Pardi, the same team behind the scenes of his critically acclaimed third studio record, Heartache Medication. 

Heartache Medication peaked at #17 on the ARIA Australia Digital Albums Chart and followed his first two studio albums, Write You A Song (2014) and California Sunrise (2016).