Jake Davey Marks Triumphant Comeback With New Single 'Second Chance'

27 February 2024 | 10:37 am | Mary Varvaris

"This one’s for anyone who’s been through some sh*t and made it out the other side".

Jake Davey

Jake Davey (Source: Supplied)

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Jake Davey is back with an addictive pop-country banger, Second Chance, ready to soundtrack your road trips and uplifting music playlists.

Second Chance marks Davey’s triumphant comeback while battling debilitating cauda equina syndrome. It’s a song that showcases his unbreakable spirit and story of resilience in the face of adversity, with his voice inspiring fans to believe they can do anything.

Davey co-wrote the song alongside Brook ChivellTori Darke, and his best mate, Josh Carey, and co-produced it with Rhys Zacher of Spinlight Studio. Second Chance is out now via independent label RTC Records – you can listen to the song below.

Second Chance has been described as Davey’s “most honest and vulnerable song yet”, with the artist explaining further in a statement on social media:

I guess a lot went through my mind five months ago when I was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome. I truly feel like I’ve been given a Second Chance, so I wrote a song about it! This one’s for anyone who’s been through some shit and made it out the other side!

Second Chance follows Made, a single Davey released in September while he was in the hospital.

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After dealing with Spinal Stenosis for two years, the singer’s health battle reached a critical stage last August as it developed into excruciating pain.

The nerves in Davey’s back ended up so severely damaged that he could not control his lower body. This part of the condition is called cauda equina syndrome.

Also in September, members of the Australian country music community, including Travis Collins and Taylor Moss, rallied support for Davey after his friend, Savannah Black, started a GoFundMe campaign.

Following surgery, Davey had to fight to regain control of his lower body. That challenge required rigorous rehabilitation and physical therapy, and as someone who runs an independent business, Davey was struggling with the financial pressures put on him.

“I’m not usually one to ask for help; this time, I have to swallow my pride and appreciate the support that you guys are offering me during this devastating time,” Davey wrote on Facebook while sharing the GoFundMe campaign.

Second Chance understandably feels like Davey’s real-life second chance, too.