Jake Davey Details Living With 'Critical' Spinal Condition

1 September 2023 | 10:07 am | Mary Varvaris

“It’s been a devastating few weeks and as nerves take time to heal, I’m unable to predict the outcome.”

Jake Davey

Jake Davey (Source: Supplied)

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Jake Davey, one of Australia’s favourite country artists, has detailed his harrowing experience with Spinal Stenosis.

Davey has lived with the condition – which affects his ability to walk and brings lower back pain and sciatica to his day-to-day life – for the last two years. However, two weeks ago, Davey faced his condition as it went “critical”.

In a social media post about his recent health issues yesterday (31 August), Davey shared a photo of himself in a hospital bed holding a stuffed toy and in a wheelchair with casts on his leg.

“Just over two weeks ago, the condition became critical,” Davey wrote on Instagram. “I was in excruciating pain, I couldn’t walk without a support frame and a serious amount of pain relief. Fast forward to last week, I was admitted to John Hunter ED once again in an unbelievable amount of pain to seek emergency back surgery to help fix the issue.

“It’s been a devastating few weeks and as nerves take time to heal, I’m unable to predict the outcome.”

Davey continued to write that it’s difficult to know if his surgery was successful, as spinal and nerve operations often have complications.

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The Australian country-pop singer continued, “I’m currently working extremely hard every day to regain some kind of control in my lower body and I’m trying to keep my mental health in between the lines. I know have the determination and will power to get through this.

“I seriously appreciate your support and patience with me throughout this trying time and life changing experience. I’m extremely lucky to have such incredible friends and family by my side.”

Davey notes that while “The road to recovery is unknown”, he’s “going to be okay.”

Earlier this year, Countrytown shared the video premiere for Davey’s single Count On A Country Song.

“Country music, to me, is all about having a good time with your mates and being surrounded by people that you trust,” he told Countrytown. “I know it's a cliché, but every time we all catch up at a festival, it's just a big country music family.”

That positivity doesn’t just carry through to Davey’s music but likely assists in his health battle. “I’m just an optimist by nature,” he continued. “I love being a positive person. And the world has enough hate and negativity as it is, so if I can bring some positive vibes into my music, then I’m gonna do it.”