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Count On A Country Song by Jake Davey – Video Premiere

11 May 2023 | 10:48 am | Ellie Robinson

Davey says his sprightly new tune is “all about what music can do for us”

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Jake Davey has returned with his spirited new single Count On A Country Song, and the music video for it is premiering today exclusively on Countrytown.

The song itself arrived on March 6, marking Davey’s first release for the year (his debut EP is slated to land sometime in the coming months). Chatting to Countrytown this morning, he said the tune is “all about what music can do for us” as a force of positivity and connection – and most importantly, creating lifelong memories. “When we're listening to a good song, it can a take us back to a very special place in time," he says, "whether it be partying with our mates, our first date or the moment we got engaged, or getting a puppy – all those little special moments in life, I wrote this song about those.”

As its title suggests, too, Count On A Country Song does have a bias towards the great genre we call our bread and butter: Davey lives and breathes the yee-haw life, and says that country music has been a constant conduit for positive energies. He says: “Country music, to me, is all about having a good time with your mates and being surrounded by people that you trust. I know it's a cliché, but every time we all catch up at a festival, it's just a big country music family.”

That positivity, Davey adds, is a calculated through-line in all of his music. “I’m just an optimist by nature,” he declares. “I love being a positive person. And the world has enough hate and negativity as it is, so if I can bring some positive vibes into my music, then I’m gonna do it.”

The music video for Count On A Country Song is nothing but good vibes, following a couple – played by Davey’s friends Zach and Mikayla – as they reminisce on formative moments during a road trip through the countryside. The clip was helmed by Davey’s longtime collaborators at Tommirock Films, and shot on location on Dumaresq Island – an idyllic haven “about 15 minutes from [Davey] live[s]”, described by the songster as “picturesque and farm-like and as country as it gets”. 

Tying it all together is a take of Davey performing the song as he walks through a charming valley of autumnal trees, strumming along with a genuine smile plastered on his face. “You know," he chuckles, "we had to get that beautiful cherry-red Gibson in there somehow! And then the Jeep, because you know, it's a country music clip – we needed a Jeep.

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As for the narrative, Davey expounds on the concept: “Basically, the couple are taking a road trip together and they’re listening to this playlist on their Spotify, and all these songs that take them back to those special moments are coming up. And they're kind of laughing and reminiscing, you know, ‘Remember that time we did that!? Remember when we saw this thing?’ And then the punchline is that my song pops up and they're like, ‘Oh yeah, this song!’

Count On A Country Song follows a string of great singles that Davey’s put out over the past few years, including The Way She Does, Ends With Y and Good Thing

Watch the video for Count On A Country Song below, and keep up to date with Jake Davey on his Facebook page here.