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Country Music Community Rallies To Support Jake Davey Fight Debilitating Condition

18 September 2023 | 11:49 am | Mary Varvaris

Travis Collins and Taylor Moss have used their voices to amplify an important cause for their friend and fellow country artist, Jake Davey.

Travis Collins, Taylor Moss & Jake Davey

Travis Collins, Taylor Moss & Jake Davey (Source: Supplied)

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On Friday (15 September), Jake Davey’s best friend, Savannah Black, started a GoFundMe fundraiser campaign to help him deal with a debilitating health condition.

Earlier this month, Countrytown reported on Davey’s harrowing experience with Spinal Stenosis.

Davey has lived with the condition – which affects his ability to walk and brings lower back pain and sciatica to his day-to-day life – for the last two years. However, in August, Davey faced his condition as it went “critical”.

Davey’s Spinal Stenosis has since seen the artist develop another debilitating condition called Cauda Equina.

“Around a month ago Jake's condition became critical, his pain became excruciating,” Black explained in the GoFundMe website description. “His ability to walk without supports and heavy pain relief was taken away from him. He then presented at John Hunter after not being able to take the pain anymore where he was told that the only option was emergency back surgery.

“The surgery ended up being more complex than expected and went for much longer than originally planned by surgeons. Jakes's nerves in his back are so severely damaged that he now cannot control his lower body, this is called Cauda Equina.”

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Jake Davey is now fighting to regain control of his lower body. That challenge requires rigorous rehabilitation and physical therapy, and as someone who runs an independent business, Davey is struggling with the financial pressures put on him.

“I’m not usually one to ask for help, this time I have to swallow my pride and appreciate the support that you guys are offering me during this devastating time,” Davey wrote on Facebook while sharing the GoFundMe campaign.

Since the fundraiser was launched days ago, the Australian country music industry has rallied to Davey’s aid.

Taking to Facebook yesterday (17 September), Taylor Moss voiced her support for Davey, writing, “A good mate of mine & a fellow musician is going through a tough time He’s not one to ask for help at all.

“He’s been in hospital for a month now post her spinal surgery and it’s been so hard to watch him cancel gigs, video shots and play music in general. If you can spare a couple of dollars to help Jake pay his general expenses (unfortunately life doesn’t stop when these events happen) it’s tragic! You’ve got this Jake Davey! We love you!”

Fellow country artist Travis Collins wrote that while many know who Jake Davey is, they might not realise that Collins and Davey are cousins.

“He's one the most talented and positive people you'd ever meet.. Singer, songwriter, photographer, videographer, recording studio whizz to mention just a few.. but best of all, he's just a great young bloke all-round, and always helping others,” Collins wrote.

“Life dealt him a pretty shitty curve ball recently, and whilst he'd never ask, he could use a hand from good people - and I reckon I know a few.”

Tonight, Collins is going live on social media at 8 pm, “singing some songs, taking a few requests, and shaking this tip jar for my cuz.

“I would love you to join me in throwing some love, music, positivity, and donations Jake's way.”

You can contribute to the GoFundMe fundraising campaign to support Jake Davey here.

Many of you probably already know Jake.. But a lot of you might not know he's my cousin. He's one the most talented and...

Posted by Travis Collins on Sunday, September 17, 2023