Hotel In Slim Dusty’s ‘Duncan’ Closes

20 July 2023 | 10:43 am | Mary Varvaris

The Town And Country Hotel was made famous by Slim Dusty's 1980 music video for 'Duncan'.

Town & Country Hotel

Town & Country Hotel (Source: YouTube/Duncan music video)

The Town And Country Hotel has stood proud in Sydney’s inner west since 1881 but now faces closure after 142 years.

Made famous by Slim Dusty’s music video for Duncan in November 1980, the single went to #1 in Australia for two weeks in early 1981. Slim Dusty also called the Town And Country his “local” pub on the single.

The music video finds Slim Dusty enjoying a beer with his mates in the pub, singing the classic Aussie country song: “We drink at the Town and Country. Where the atmosphere is great. I love to have a beer with Duncan, ’cause Duncan’s me mate”. You can watch the music video below.

Town And Country Hotel owners issued a statement to Facebook on Tuesday night (18 July), informing patrons that they’re “devastated” to close down the iconic pub.

“It is with great sadness we write this message to inform you that we’ve had to cease trading as our doors have been locked suddenly and abruptly,” the owners wrote. “We’ve made many attempts to work harmoniously and reasonably with our landlord on building repairs, continuous complaints from neighbours and also our rent, resulting in an unsuccessful mediation.”

The statement continued, “We are devastated at this outcome, and we’d like to extend our thanks to you for sticking by us for the last 6 years. We’ve overcome many challenges including license issues, Westconnex roadworks, our cellar flooding and of course, COVID. We worked our way through it all and we would’ve loved to continue to bring life to the Inner West, however we are now unable to do so.

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“In and amongst it all, we can safely say we’ve had the time of our lives, enjoying many live music events, weekly events, many schnitzels, pies and beers. We hope you have enjoyed one or many of these moments at the TCH during this time.

“As we sign off and move into the future, once again we extend our thanks and love to all.”

A Facebook user posting to the Slim Dusty Fan Group said the news “sucks” and hopes “someone comes along and saves the old girl”.

The cultural significance of the Town And Country Hotel can’t be understated – the same Facebook user said they went to that very pub “after attending Slim’s funeral in 2003”.

Another user, unhappy with the decision, wrote, “Aussie history doesn’t mean anything in this country. Bloody disgrace”.