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Fanny Lumsden Postpones New 'Country Halls' Tour Dates After Her Brother Tom Had A Stroke

4 October 2023 | 11:25 am | Mary Varvaris

Three weeks ago, Fanny Lumsden's brother and bandmate, Tom, experienced a stroke, “which was hugely scary and a massive shock to us all”.

Fanny Lumsden

Fanny Lumsden (Source: Supplied)

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Yesterday, Fanny Lumsden went on Facebook and revealed that part two of tour dates for her Country Halls tenth anniversary run would be postponed before she could even announce the dates.

Rather than cite “unforeseen circumstances”, Lumsden opted for honesty and shared that the postponement – the tour dates are currently scheduled for early 2024 – follows her brother and bandmate, Tom, experiencing a stroke, “which was hugely scary and a massive shock to us all”.

Tom had a stroke three weeks ago, and while he’s recovering well, he’s been advised to take it easy for a few months. Lumsden explained, “It happened the same day I was meant to announce the tour, and tbh I was already pretty stressed about it, as it was kicking off straight after our final weekend of the hey dawn tour, and was a massive reminder that, actually not everything needs to happen at the same time.

“We have had a massive and incredible year, touring the CHT part 1, touring NZ, UK, Ireland, playing Glastonbury, putting out Hey dawn (going to #1 Aussie album), an incredible hey dawn tour and an ARIA nomination. Plus growing kids etc etc.

“So, we are going to announce new dates for the CHT for 2024 in a couple of weeks, which will kick off with our Tamworth show on Jan 27 at the town hall.”

Lumsden’s primary reason for sharing her brother’s experience with fans is spreading awareness. “Tom wanted me to share this bc we were all unaware that young people can have strokes too and if you are living regionally, remotely or on your own it’s good to know what kind of symptoms these kinds of events entail,” she wrote. “Again, he is recovering well, and after some time off will back on the stage with us (like these pics show) in full flight. Thanks for all your support and understanding team.”

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We wish Tom a smooth recovery and thank him for his openness during stressful times.

In August, Fanny Lumsden unveiled the food-fight-inspired music video You’ll Be Fine from her ARIA #1 album Hey Dawn. Lumsden and her band are scheduled to perform at Savannah In The Round festival alongside Jimmy Barnes, Casey Barnes, Kasey Chambers, James Johnston and more on Thursday, 5 and Friday, 6 October.

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Posted by Fanny Lumsden on Monday, October 2, 2023