Countrytown Hot 50 Radio Chart Of 2023 Revealed

21 December 2023 | 5:58 pm | Staff Writer

James Johnson reps Australia in the Top Five, with stacks of fellow Aussies popping up throughout.

James Johnston

James Johnston (Supplied)

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2023 will go down as one of the best years for country music in recent history, especially in Australia – country artists from all around the world embarked on sold-out tours of our stadiums and arenas, we had dozens of independent artists make waves with chart-dominating hits, and the festival circuit burned brightly as ever as punters rolled out in droves to support their favourites.

While the year’s top three biggest songs to chart on the Countrytown Hot 50 came from US-based artists – Morgan Wallen at #1 with Last Night, followed by Luke Combs at #2 with Fast Car, then Tyler Hubbard at #3 with Dancin’ In The CountryJames Johnston swung through to represent the local scene with his track Got It Good taking out the #4 spot.

The Wolfe Brothers and Morgan Evans also slid into the Top Ten, respectively taking out #7 (with Livin’ The Dream) and #9 (Hey Little Mama). Further down the list, Johnston returned at #14 with the ultra-catchy single We Grew Up On, while The Wolfe Brothers had two more entries – Runnin’ The Country (their joint effort with Travis Collins) at #13 and Love Like That (another collab, this time with The Shires) at #26 – and Evans popped back up at #21 with Over For You.

Other Aussies to make the list include Casey Barnes (Boys Like Me at #15, Summer Nights at #18 and Small Town at #34), Brad Cox (Acres at #16), Taylor Moss (Country Proud at #17), Sara Berki (A Boy That's Into Trucks at #31), Zac & George (Sleep On It at #32), Keith Urban (Street Called Main at #35), Andrew Swift (You And Me And A Bottle Of Whiskey at #46), Lane Pittman (Love In A Country Town at #48) and Hudson Rose (Rules Of Breaking Up at #49). In total, there were 18 local songs that made the final tally.

Also worth noting is that 16 of the top 50 tracks were independently released. You can see the full list below, and keep up to date with the weekly Countrytown Hot 50 chart here.

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Countrytown Hot 50 Radio Songs of 2023

1. Morgan Wallen, US – Last Night (UMG)
2. Luke Combs, US – Fast Car (SME)
3. Tyler Hubbard, US – Dancin' In The Country (UMG)
4. James Johnston, AU – Got It Good (Independent)
5. Jelly Roll, US – Need A Favor (BMG)
6. Kaylee Bell, NZ – Boots And All (Independent)
7. The Wolfe Brothers, AU – Livin' The Dream (Independent)
8. Old Dominion, US – Memory Lane (SME)
9. Morgan Evans, AU – Hey Little Mama (WMG)
10. Jelly Roll, US – Son Of A Sinner (BMG)
11. Hardy & Lainey Wilson, US – Wait In The Truck (Independent)
12. Bailey Zimmerman, US – Fall In Love (WMG)
13. Travis Collins & The Wolfe Brothers, AU – Runnin' The Country (ABC)
14. James Johnston, AU – We Grew Up On (Independent)
15. Casey Barnes, AU – Boys Like Me (Independent)
16. Brad Cox, AU – Acres (SME)
17. Taylor Moss, AU – Country Proud (Independent)
18. Casey Barnes, AU – Summer Nights (MGM)
19. Corey Kent, US – Wild As Her (Independent)
20. Morgan Wallen, US – One Thing At A Time (UMG)
21. Morgan Evans, AU – Over For You (WMG)
22. MacKenzie Porter, US – Pickup (Independent)
23. Jackson Dean, US – Don't Come Lookin' (UMG)
24. Jason Aldean, US – That's What Tequila Does (BMG)
25. Zach Bryan, US – Something In The Orange (WMG)
26. The Wolfe Brothers & The Shires, AU – Love Like That (BMG)
27. Jackson Dean, US – Fearless (UMG)
28. ERNEST, US – Miss That Girl (Independent)
29. Luke Combs, US – Going, Going, Gone (SME)
30. Dustin Lynch, US – Party Mode (BMG)
31. Sara Berki, AU – A Boy That's Into Trucks (Independent)
32. Zac & George, AU – Sleep On It (Independent)
33. Morgan Wallen, US – Everything I Love (UMG)
34. Casey Barnes, AU – Small Town (MGM)
35. Keith Urban, AU – Street Called Main (UMG)
36. Kane Brown & Katelyn Brown, US – Thank God (SME)
37. Justin Moore & Priscilla Block, US – You, Me, And Whiskey (UMG)
38. Bailey Zimmerman, US – Rock And A Hard Place (WMG)
39. Chris Stapleton, US – White Horse (UMG)
40. Lainey Wilson, US – Watermelon Moonshine (BMG)
41. Hailey Whitters, US – Plain Jane (Independent)
42. Lainey Wilson, US – Heart Like A Truck (Independent)
43. Bailey Zimmerman, US – Religiously (WMG)
44. Morgan Wallen, US – You Proof (UMG)
45. Ed Sheeran, GB – Life Goes On (WMG)
46. Andrew Swift, AU – You And Me And A Bottle Of Whiskey (ABC)
47. Carrie Underwood, US – Out Of That Truck (UMG)
48. Lane Pittman, AU – Love In A Country Town (Independent)
49. Hudson Rose, AU – Rules Of Breaking Up (Independent)
50. Cole Swindell, US – She Had Me At Heads Carolina (WMG)