Wiser by Lyn Bowtell featuring Shane Nicholson – Video Premiere

16 December 2022 | 9:41 am | Mallory Arbour

'Wiser' is out now!

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ARIA Chart-topping, nine-time Golden Guitar winner, Lyn Bowtell shows her indomitable strength in Wiser. The Hunter Valley artist co-wrote the song with fellow Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart members Felicity Urquhart and Kevin Bennett.

“This is an anthem for those who understand the importance of learning from your mistakes,” Lyn said. “And that it’s usually the hardest times we go through that stimulate the most positive growth and change.”

Wiser is the title track from her #1 Country ARIA Album of the same name, released in May 2022.

“I want listeners to take away from this song the message that you’re bound to make mistakes, you’re bound to fall, and you’re bound to be tested, but as long as you’re learning from those experiences you will come through the other side, a wiser, braver and stronger human being,” she said.  

Adding to the track is the distinctive voice of Wiser album producer Shane Nicholson.

"When Lyn Bowtell writes a song, you listen to it” said Shane, “when Lyn Bowtell asks you to sing that song with her, you say, ‘yes’, and when that song is Wiser, then you’ve hit the bloody jackpot!”

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The Michael McCartin directed music video, which premieres today exclusively on Countrytown, features Brian Lea, Enrico Crosina, Janet-Aileen Allchin, Jo Lea, Josh Beveridge, Kelsey Thompson, Karen O’Shea, Lucy Beveridge, Marie France, Sam France, Shane Edwards, Shyanne Irwin, Suzy Thompson, Taurean Thompson and Tracy Beveridge as the karaoke singers.

Watch the video below!

From a musical family, Lyn began performing as a child. At 13, she competed in her first country music talent quest, a trend that continued well into her teens. After attending the CMAA College of Country Music, she was named the Toyota Star Maker in 1997.

In 2002, Lyn released her debut solo album, Heart’s In The Country. Albums Secret Songs (2012) and Heart Of Sorrow (2014) followed. Since 2015, Lyn has been focused on her trio project Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart, and was also appointed creative director of The CMAA Academy of Country Music, where she has advised and mentored hundreds of emerging artists.

After successfully auditioning for The Voice Australia in 2017, in which she joined Boy George’s team, she released a six-track EP called Calling You. It debuted at #2 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Artist Country Albums Chart and #13 on the ARIA Top 40 Country Albums Chart. Her latest album, Wiser gives a clear view of Lyn as a deeply feeling and empathetic human being whose captivating voice demands her listener’s attention and rewards it from a depth and confidence that comes from knowing exactly who she is. 

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