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VIDEO PREMIERE: Tania Nichamin - 'Lorraine'

3 October 2023 | 11:55 am | Mary Varvaris

'Lorraine' is a confronting video for a confronting subject matter.

Tania Nichamin

Tania Nichamin (Source: Supplied)

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CONTENT WARNING: The following content deals with issues that may disturb readers. If you are suffering or need assistance, please call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

Tania Nichamin has approached her new single, Lorraine, fearlessly and with a headstrong nature. Countrytown is proud to premiere the music video today.

Opening with a banjo and Nichamin’s vocals offering solidarity to a woman named Lorraine facing domestic violence, the video stars Ellie Thomson as the titular character displaying a wide range of emotions while the camera pans to police tape, a police car pulling up to her rural property as a man’s body is found later in the video.

Lorraine is a confronting video for a confronting subject matter. Nichamin sings with power for the video she also directed and produced in honour of Mackenzie Anderson, a 21-year-old woman allegedly murdered by her ex-partner in Newcastle in March 2022.

“Australia needs to do better,” Nichamin said about her motivation behind such a heavy song. “Just fourteen weeks into 2022, Mackenzie marked the 14th female victim of domestic violence murdered that year. The count of dead women this year so far (August 2023) is already 34.

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“Enough is enough, Australia; we need change.”

Nichamin explained about her new single in a statement, “Lorraine wakes one morning (just like she does every other morning) to see her bruises – ‘the blue, the black, the red, the fingerprints around her neck and those cuts all over her head.’”

On this day, however, Nichamin detailed how Lorraine wanted to change her destiny with plans to shoot her husband “because if she doesn't, he will kill her… only to find after plotting his murder and awaiting her husband's return, with a shotgun in her hand, the police arrive.

“Lorraine quickly goes and puts the gun back under the bed and runs to the door to find the police taking off their hats, informing Lorraine her husband has been found shot dead. Lorraine, in shock, cannot believe that he's gone from her life for good. Lorraine closes the door and relishes in the relief and the joy that she no longer has to live a life with him.”

She added, “And with the twist at the end, to realise at the funeral when all the farmers take off their hats out of respect for the deceased, one man, farmer John, does not remove his hat. Instead, he looks at her and tips his hat toward her to acknowledge he knows, and he's taken care of it. It is at this moment Lorraine realises John killed him. And as John turns and walks away, Lorraine is now free.”

Lorraine was written by Tania Nichamin (vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar) and produced by Michael Carpenter (drums, electric guitar, bass, piano, mandolin and banjo). You can watch the music video below.