VIDEO PREMIERE: Piper Rodrigues - 'Bridges'

17 October 2023 | 12:25 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I have a lot of fun creating dramatic music videos, and this one is no exception."

Piper Rodrigues

Piper Rodrigues (Source: Supplied)

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Rising Australian alt-country singer Piper Rodrigues has just dropped her new single, Bridges, and today, Countrytown proudly premieres the music video.

Directed by Jeremy Minett from Eyes + Ears Creative alongside Rodrigues, Bridges is a bright, warm clip that was filmed in an Airbnb in Newcastle and accompanies the nuanced love song co-written by Rodrigues and Lyn Bowtell and produced by Shane Nicholson.

Bridges was a relief to write at the time,” Rodrigues commented in a press release. “I thought I was done, dusted and ready to be unabashedly in love. Luckily, that was not the case. Regardless, Bridges is a stepping-stone of a track on the way to good, real love.”

She added, in a statement to Countrytown, “Outwardly, ‘Bridges’ is a love song; however, it is a song I co-wrote with Lyn Bowtell to convince myself that I was still in love with my ex (still unsure of what I was thinking but hey, what is life if not learning from your mistakes). This is absolutely something I wanted to convey with the music video.

“I have a lot of fun creating dramatic music videos, and this one is no exception. We filmed at a gorgeous Airbnb in Newcastle and really wanted to centre the video around the house and the love that homes hold and how sometimes that can change… how you can go from thinking you know a person and place to realising you don’t, in the slightest.”

You can watch the music video of Bridges below.

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Bridges follows two other Piper Rodrigues songs Countrytown has premiered this year: I Hate That I Love It and Exit Wound. Those tracks came after the singles Ain’t That Kinda Girl (2022), Do Or Die (2022) and King Of Cups (2021).

Rodrigues is a CMAA Academy of Country Music alum, has opened tours for fellow Australian country queens Catherine Britt and Hayley Marsten, and has created a distinctive sound based on following the footsteps of her inspirations (including Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, Brandi Carlile and Dolly Parton) and paving her own path.