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VIDEO PREMIERE: Jay Santilli - 'Come Back Home'

8 August 2023 | 11:33 am | Mary Varvaris

Countrytown is proud to exclusively premiere the gorgeous new clip from Jay Santilli, 'Come Back Home'.

Jay Santilli

Jay Santilli (Source: Supplied)

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This week, Australian country singer Jay Santilli shares the gorgeous music video for her heartfelt new ballad, Come Back Home. Today, we’re proud to exclusively premiere the clip on Countrytown.

Come Back Home finds Santilli settled and happy with her family, with real-life footage from their lives edited throughout the video. No matter the challenges the family face, Santilli’s warm, varied vocal range is honest and believable in the ode to her family.

Set amongst beautiful spring leaves and lakes, Santilli and her family find a kind of utopia in each other. “It speaks to the profound connection between parents and their children, evoking emotions and reminding us of the enduring love that exists within a family,” Santilli said in a statement.

She added, exclusively with Countrytown, “This video was truly special to film. Initially, we planned to shoot at Warburton Forest [in Victoria], but it was closed. Instead, we found a lovely trail by the river and embraced the stunning scenery.

“I absolutely loved involving my family in this. I mean, they’re what the song is all about, so it was a no-brainer to have them be a big part of the video. Plus, we created beautiful memories that we’ll be able to watch over and over, forever.”

Filmed by photographer and videographer Shaun Williams, whose expansive resume includes work with Australian pop-punk trio Short Stack, singer-songwriter Jacob Lee, rapper Masked Wolf and rockers Down And Out, amongst others, Come Back Home belongs on your TV screens, playing on CMT.

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Countrytown caught up with Jay Santilli in late July for her Front Deck Boom Box. You can find her song choices here.

Santilli’s expressive vocals and beautiful songs have connected with country music fans across Australia, with the singer named one of three artists to be a finalist for this year’s NQ Rock’n Country Reboot Competition.

Santilli will host a 30-minute set, opening the main stage of the competition, which will run as a shortened event this year from 19 to 20 August at the Mackay Showgrounds.