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Front Deck Boom Box: Jay Santilli

25 July 2023 | 11:24 am | Mary Varvaris

We caught up with Jay Santilli to find out what songs she's listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Jay Santilli

Jay Santilli (Source: Supplied)

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Yesterday, Melbourne’s own Jay Santilli released her new single, Come Back Home, with a music video arriving next week.

A song about the unrequited love a parent feels for their child, she said, “It speaks to the profound connection between parents and their children, evoking emotions and reminding us of the enduring love that exists within a family.” You can check out the single below.

Santilli’s expressive vocals and beautiful songs have found fans across the country, with the singer named one of three artists to be a finalist for this year’s NQ Rock’n Country Reboot Competition. Santilli will host a 30-minute set, opening the main stage of the competition, which runs from 18 to 20 August at the Mackay Showgrounds.

Before finding her feet in country music, Santilli’s beginnings stemmed closer to pop-punk. She’s been in the country music world for over a decade, snapping up the 2013 Maton Talent Search competition in Gympie and sharing festival stages with Morgan Evans and Jasmine Rae.

To celebrate her new single and learn more about her, we caught up with Jay Santilli for her Front Deck Boom Box. Check out her choices below.

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1. Save Me by Jelly Roll ft Lainey Wilson

Hands down two of my favourite artists right now. This song is so haunting and raw. The desperation and pain in Jelly Roll’s voice is next level, and then when Lainey comes in at that second verse!!! Absolute goosebumps. Favourite Lyrics: Entire Second Verse! “What if the night sky was missin' the moon? There were no shootin' stars to use wishin' on you.

2. Human by Cody Johnson

Cody's powerful vocals, combined with the raw honesty of the lyrics, gets me all up in my feels. It explores the vulnerabilities and imperfections that make us human, reminding us that it's okay to struggle and make mistakes. I always find myself with my eyes closed and playing this song two-three times in a row. Each time it comes on once is never enough. Favourite Lyrics: “I’m still learning to be human.

3. Note To Self by Abby Christo

I really, really love this song from Abby! It’s just so perfectly produced and written. It's a reminder to embrace self-reflection and to find comfort in what will be, will be. I really resonate with the message of the track, and Abby’s voice is so very capturing. Favourite lyrics: “If you love something but it ain’t working, then set it free.

4. Burn Like Summer by Brooke Schubert

What an absolute gem! She is hands down one of the best vocalists in Australia. The song itself is a certified smash, with its infectious catchiness and irresistible energy. It's the kind of track that you can't help but sing along to at full volume, with the windows down and pretending you’re part of her band rocking out. Favourite lyrics: “Laugh like kids, Kiss like lovers.”

5. Love Like That by The Wolfe Brothers featuring The Shires

This collab that brings back the nostalgic vibes of Bryan Adams/Mel C's When You're Gone, and I absolutely love it! The song's infectious energy almost transforms it into a love song rather than just a heartbreak track. The fusion of country and pop, perfectly crafted by The Wolfe Brothers and The Shires, captures a bittersweet essence that evokes both melancholy and self-reflection. Favourite Lyrics: “I would set the world on fire just to keep you warm, show you that forever can weather the storm.