Rider Essentials: Matt Andersen

10 March 2022 | 11:39 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Canadian musician, Matt Andersen to find out the things he always takes on the road with him for this week’s Rider Essentials.

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Canadian musician, Matt Andersen recently released his first acoustic solo studio record (his ninth overall). On House to House, he moves in a different direction from the dynamic, thumping blues that has earned him numerous accolades, awards, and major festival bookings to date. Here, he effortlessly delves into gospel-infused folk, introspective singer-songwriter numbers and thoughtful ballads, showing a more intimate side of the performer and writer.

In addition to headlining major festivals, clubs and theatres throughout North America, Europe and Australia, he has shared the stage and toured with Marcus King, Beth Hart, Marty Stuart, Greg Allman, Randy Bachman, Jonny Lang, Serena Ryder, and more. He also was the first ever Canadian to take home top honours in the solo/duo category at the 2010 ‘International Blues Challenge’ in Memphis and has amassed over 18 million on Spotify and YouTube to date.

We caught up with Matt to find out the things he always takes on the road with him for this week’s Rider Essentials.


1. A fan

I have a small desktop fan that travels with me. It helps me keep from having to turn on the air conditioner and also drowns out hotel noise. I've slept with a fan since I was a kid. A habit picked up from my oldest brother. It’s small thing but it makes hotel rooms feel like my own.

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2. Decent headphones and small speaker

Being able to listen to music in my hotel room or in the green room on something that sounds good is a life saver. No better way to create a vibe in a vibeless room than to fill with your favourite sounds. It also a great way to slip into my own little world.

3. Comfy pants 

I’ve got to have something comfy to slip into when I get back to the hotel room. Putting those on is a sure sign that I'm done for the day and I’m “home” for the night. Definitely not something I would sport in public, covered with paint from projects at home and more holes than what they came with.

4. Humidifier

I've been taking a small sized travel humidifier with me on the road for the last few years. I got it as a Christmas present and it has become a must. Airplanes, venues, hotels, etc. are all hard on the voice. Having that extra bit of humidity really helps keep my voice in shape on those long tours.

5. My drugstore in a bag

I've got a bag that I carry all of my "go to" medications. For headaches, colds… whatever day to day stuff. It comes in handy especially in different countries that don't have the same brands. It saves me having to research and translate what is on the shelf. Not very "rock and roll" I know. It makes me feel a bit like my grandmother who always seemed to have whatever you needed in her purse at any time.


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