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My CountryTown: Vixens Of Fall - Redcliffe

8 September 2020 | 1:49 pm | Staff Writer

Get to know Queensland's most lovable trio Vixens Of Fall as they tell us what they love about their hometown, Redcliffe.

Regional towns are in our blood here at CountryTown! From Rocky to Broome, Palmerston to Bendigo. We love the pubs, the people and the places that make Australia tick. But most of all, we love amazing upcoming country musicians like Vixens Of Fall.

Queensland's most lovable country darlings, Vixens Of Fall ooze the country rock ethos of their predecessors. Their last single And Then We Dance spent 4 weeks in the Australian country music airplay charts peaking at #27 and their latest The Long Game has started its march to the top.

To get to know them a bit we've asked what they love about their hometown, Redcliffe!

1 - The History

We Vixens are such history buffs! Growing up for the most part of 20yrs in Redcliffe, we learnt of the amazing history in our schooling years! The ships wrecks, New Settlement cove, The Redcliffe Museum that showcases all of the wonders of Redcliffe and the old Hornibrook Bridge! Over the years we have walked and cycled over that 2.6km bridge as a family and struggled every time! Cycling against the wind as itty bitty kids was so difficult! But it never took away the appreciation we have for the architecture and the importance of this wonderful passage that enabled Redcliffe Locals a safe and shorter commute to Brisbane.

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2 - The Markets

Oh, the Redcliffe Markets! These are held every Sunday along the Redcliffe esplanade, where folk come from all around and off the Peninsula to soak up the sun, food and atmosphere of our town! What we love the most, other than an amazing coffee and breakfast from any of the local cafes, is the live music sporadically vibing the strip of markets, as you explore!! There are so many talented people in our little city!!

3 - The Beaches

Redcliffe doesn’t have the mega surfing waves, but our beaches are so serene and magical! When we first moved to Redcliffe at the tender ages of 10, 8 and 2, we were fortunate to have lived right on the waterfront!! From the balcony we watched the dolphins frolic and enjoy their time as the sun would rise! We would also walk across the road and play on the sand, making sandcastles and tunnels for little matchbox cars! Now that we are older, we can each take our beautiful four legged friends for walks along the shore lines and play in the water reminiscing of our fond childhood memories.

4 - Bee Gees Way

Can you say iconic!?! Bee Gees Way pays tribute to the amazing family band that produced hit after hit in a career spanning over four decades - Right in the heart of Redcliffe!! Redcliffe holds a glorious piece of musical history and we are just so blessed that as a sister singing group, we can appreciate the value of having such an amazing opportunity to be in the presence of greatness. It’s a place of inspiration for us!

5 - The Locals

The Redcliffe community is the BEST!! The fantastic people of Redcliffe are the most supportive bunch of them all!! We have played at the Redcliffe Dolphins Leagues Club periodically over the last few years, and the turn out never ceases to amaze us! Some are there just to see us… a lot are already at the club to enjoy dinner and a beverage, but so many people come for a boogie!! Never have we had so many compliments, love and gratitude in one place! These Vixens aren’t shy of a conversation, and neither are the locals! We enjoy a dance and meeting all the wonderful souls that come into our lives. Stories and memories make great songs, wouldn’t you say?

And their you have, the top five favorite things about Redcliffe from Vixens Of Fall! To get to know them even better, spin their latest tune below.

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