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My CountryTown: Casey Barnes - Currumbin, QLD

1 September 2020 | 3:42 pm | Staff Writer

Casey Barnes with #1 records left, right and centre. Now, find out what makes his hometown tick in this week's My CountryTown.

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Regional towns are in our blood here at CountryTown! Personally I'm from Rockhampton in Queensland and with year's behind the sink at the Frenchy; I know that town and its people better than myself. To celebrate the towns that make Australia tick, we're asking our favorite muso's, like Casey Barnes, to tell us their favorite parts of their hometowns!

First up, we've got Casey Barnes! His latest album 'Town Of A Million Dreams' reached #1 on the ARIA Australian Country chart earlier this year. And his latest single We're Good Together stayed at #1 on the Hot Country chart for five weeks! Now, let's find out what he loves about his hometown Currumbin, QLD.

1 - The location.

I've been fortunate enough to call the Gold Coast home now for the last 20 years and have lived in numerous suburbs but Currumbin takes the cake as my fav. Its right down the southern end in amongst nature on one side and the beach on the other. The most authentic part of the Goldie and still close to everything!

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2 - The Coffee!

Spoilt for choice down this end of the Goldie with some of the best cafes. But my pick is The Salt Mill, which is right on Currumbin Beach. It's definitely my daily routine to roll out of bed and head straight there!

3 - The Music Community.

Believe it or not there's a great little local music community here in Currumbin. We've got one half of Busby Marou (Tom Busby) who lives just around the corner and I was in country music star Matty Cornell's ear to make the move up from Sydney and he's literally around the corner too!

4 - The Beach.

Although I'm country music through and through, I've always loved living near the beach maybe because I find the ocean always keeps you grounded. We're fortunate to have one of the best beaches in the world on our front doorstep so I try and get down there every day if I can… normally it's for a run along the beach or in the warmer months to take my two girls for a swim!

5 - The birds and wildlife.

The other luxury of being based in Currumbin is that you're surrounded by bushland and nature which I absolutely love. I'm a long time ambassador at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary who also look after thousands of injured animals every year at their on site hospital…. because of our location we see everything from Koalas, bush turkeys, possums, lizards, pythons and dozens of bird species which come to visit every day!

So, next time you're on the Gold Coast pop down to Currumbin and you might catch Aussie's upcoming man of country Casey Barnes! In the meantime, spin his new one We're Good Together!