Front Deck Boom Box: Petric

21 February 2023 | 11:43 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Canadian country act, Petric to find out what songs they’ve been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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Formed back in 2014, Canadian country act, Petric have since racked up over 15 million worldwide online streams, multiple chart-topping hit singles on Canadian country music radio, including three top 20 hits, and have won a handful of awards.

Comprised of brothers Jason and Tom Petric along with their long-time friend Jordan Day, Petric have been announced to perform on Cruisin’ Country, a 7-night Royal Caribbean Country Music Cruise departing Sydney on 1st December and features Australian Country Music heavyweights such as The Wolfe Brothers, Casey Barnes, Beccy Cole, Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley, McAlister Kemp, Amber Lawrence, Hayley Jensen, Gord Bamford and more. The cruise will form part of Petric’s first Australian tour, with more dates to be announced over the next few months.

Following their 2021 album Flashbackswhich earned them their first top 25 single in Australia with White Lyin’, the band’s latest single Beach Please is a tropically influenced country song, driven by a reggae styled drum beat and tasteful acoustics, about the desire for white sandy beaches, and cold sangrias.

We caught up with Petric to find out what songs they’ve been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.



1. Tim McGraw – Cowboy In Me

A song for me that I have found a renewed love for is Tim McGraw's bluegrass version of Cowboy in Me. Anyone who watches Yellowstone has heard it before. Tim re-recorded this song for the show a few years ago, which is when I first fell in love with it, but I recently started listening to it in the morning to start my day. 

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I have always loved the lyrics of this song. It’s very well written and there really isn’t any other song like it. The new recorded version of this song is driven with fiddle, and slide guitar. It has a very organic sound and feels so peaceful. It’s truly beautiful, and really inspires me. If you haven’t heard it, you need to!

2.  Nickelback – Does Heaven Even Know Your Missing?

Another song that’s really caught my ear lately is Nickelback’s Does Heaven Even Know Your Missing? Anyone who knows me, knows how huge of a Nickelback fan I am, and this song caught my attention right from the first time I read the title. 

The song itself sounds like it could be from any one of Nickelback's records. Their signature sound is locked in, Chad Kroeger’s vocals are right on point, and the lyrics are intriguing from start to finish. A captivating love song, rock n’ roll power ballad, which everyone always has room for in their playlist.


1.  Miley Cyrus – Flowers

There are multiple reasons why Flowers by Miley Cyrus is stuck in my head. First reason is because every time you go on TikTok that song is playing. But another reason is the story behind the song and meaning behind the video is so catchy and intriguing. Great artist, great singer and if you haven’t seen or heard it, go listen and watch it! 

2. Taylor Swift – Anti Hero

Sticking with the kick ass female artists, another song that’s been on repeat in our house is Anti Hero by Taylor Swift. I’ve been a big fan of hers when she was in the country music scene and have followed her ever since. This one by far is my favourite off her new album. A very creative song lyrically and a great video.


1. Lainey Wilson – What's Up (What's Going On)

I'm a huge fan of HARDY and when he released Wait In The Truck with Lainey Wilson, I had to go find her music and see what she was all about. It turns out I already knew a few of her songs and really like the vibe of what she’s putting out right now. But one song that really stood out to me was a cover of a 4 Non Blondes song called What’s Up

The cover band I play with here in Winnipeg does this song often, but I’ve never heard it the way she does it and I absolutely love it. It blends country and rock perfectly in my opinion and I think it’s how I’ll be performing it going forward!

2. Morgan Wallen – One Thing At A Time

This is less about how much I love the song and more so about how much my son loves it. He’s almost 20 months old now and for about the last couple of months, while we get ready in the morning, we put on current country music playlists and he gets to show off his super awkward and insanely cute dance moves. 

One song that really gets him moving as of late is One Thing At A Time by Morgan Wallen. The driving beat and catchy guitar line that starts the song has him shaking his little butt and puts a huge smile on his face. I can only hope music continues to put a smile on his face like it has for me since I was a young one like him.


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