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Courtney Keil Breaks Down Every Track On Debut Album ‘The Good Kind’

24 February 2023 | 10:15 am | Mallory Arbour

'The Good Kind' is out now!

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Ever since that 2020 debut, Courtney Keil has forged a signature brand with a string of uplifting and vibrant tunes, inspired by both the 90s heyday of country music and a rich contemporary sound.

Now comes the release of her debut album, The Good Kind. Several of the tracks have been released previously as singles and received high praise. All achieved high rotation across country radio, earning Courtney multiple chart positions in the Countrytown Hot 50 Country Airplay Chart - most recently Hard Place, hitting a high of #21. She’s notched up four #1’s on the iTunes Country Singles chart, amassed in excess of 330,000 streams and was recently crowned ‘Best Female Vocal’ at the 2023 Australian Country Music People’s Choice Awards. 

Courtney says, “Over the past few years the world has been on a challenging and uncertain path. Producer, Rod McCormack, and I designed my debut album to be thought provoking, and to uplift and encourage. My hope is that these songs will bring nostalgia, ooze heartfelt positivity and feelings of hope against the odds.”  

The Melbourne native, now NSW Central Coast based singer has cut her teeth on some of the country’s best stages. She’s travelled the country alongside Gina Jeffreys and Tania Kernaghan on their Girl’s Night Out Tour, and she’s appeared at festivals like Tamworth Country Music Festival, NQs Rockin’ Country and Savannah in the Round.

We’re so delighted to bring you this exclusive track by track, as Courtney Keil talks us through each individual track: the creation, sentiment, and everything in between.


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1. Hard Place

First up we have Hard Place, it kicks off the album with an airy western groove that I absolutely loved seeing my producer Rod McCormack create in the studio. I wrote this song one early morning on Zoom with my dear friends Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay who are based in Nashville, all stemming from the idea of being caught between a rock and a hard place - when most of the time I find it’s my heart getting me caught up. I really loved getting to dig deep into some of my favourite country sounds on this one! 

2. I Just Wanna Hold You 

This was my debut single, written way back in April 2020 - right at the start of the pandemic with Rod McCormack, Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay. Things were all turning upside down around the world at this time, so we wrote this song as a reminder and encouragement that love connects us all, no matter the distance.  

3. Let’s Pretend 

Track #3 is my latest single, Let’s Pretend. I loved every moment writing this with Rod McCormack and the lovely Sally Barris who is based in Nashville. For me this is one of the most vulnerable songs on the album as it’s set like a conversation between my mum and I. This song gives me all the classic country feels that I love most and wanted to capture that for my album. 

4. The One

This song is really special to me as it is all about my Grandpa meeting my Grandmother and the things he taught me throughout my life about love. Long story short, there are so many reasons that people fall in love, but as the song says - you just need the one! 

5. Somebody Else’s Perfect

The idea came to me after moving on from someone I deeply care about, leaving no hard feelings and only respect for the person. As a songwriter, it was nice to embrace the positive side of heartbreak, with the help of Rod McCormack, Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay who are such incredible writers and know how to capture the heart of the matter.  

6. Hummingbird

I wrote Hummingbird with Rod McCormack, Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay in the height of the 2020 lockdowns - to be completely honest, I wasn't sold on this song at first, it’s ‘feel good’ and positive when at the time I wasn't feeling that way. Once I got in the studio to record, I truly fell in love with it and realised how it’s a reminder, for me as much as anyone, to focus on the good and spread love and light. 

7. Where Does All The Love Go

Track #7 is Where Does All The Love Go, also known as my 90’s country power ballad moment, inspired by Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and other 90s country greats! This song came about as a conversation between myself and co-writers Rod McCormack, the lovely Gina Jeffreys, Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay. This song questions where love goes if it is lost, does it move on, disappear or something else. It’s really up to each listener to decide for themselves! 

8. Always First

This feel-good bop is about who I am as a person. I’m so thankful Rod McCormack and Sally Barris wrote this with me, get who I am and were able to capture that in a song! It’s all about living life with your heart first - sometimes for better or for worse. 

9. Party For One

Every country singer needs a drinking song, and this is mine! I personally really love my alone time, so this song focusses on being comfortable with your own company, pouring yourself a drink and turning up the Dolly! Written again with Rod McCormack, Templeton Thompson and my dear friend Barbara Hannan

10. Little Heartbreak

Last but not least, track #10, my gutsy Little Heartbreak. This song idea came to me while in a motel room in Bathurst in early 2021. I was thinking about how we spend so much time focusing on the big heartbreaks that sometimes we push through and move on from the smaller heartbreaks that we face. It was really fun writing with my faves again, Rod McCormack, Gina Jeffreys, Sam Gay and Templeton Thomson to capture the feel! 


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