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Bring On The Summertime by Jamie Lindsay – Video Premiere

2 August 2022 | 9:51 am | Mallory Arbour

'Bring On The Summertime' is out now!

Jamie Lindsay

Jamie Lindsay (Image: Supplied)

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Central Coast singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Jamie Lindsay is counting the moments in his new single, Bring On The Summertime – and Countrytown has your first look at the accompanying music video in this exclusive premiere.

Jamie recorded and produced this track at JLM Studios, which was mixed by Billy Decker in the US. It was written by Jamie and Jake Tuffin, whose guitar riff prompted the new single.

“Every now and then he sends me guitar riffs in a Dropbox folder,” Jamie said. “Sometimes when I’m looking for an idea, I have a listen to what Jake has put in the folder and this riff caught me. I thought, ‘it’s catchy, I would love to write something to that’ and then wondered how it made me feel. It made me feel really good, because it’s vibey and happy and that’s when I thought about what else made me feel really good – summer and the weather.”

The track, which sees Chelsea Berman on backing vocals, sees Jamie addressing his thoughts on winter and how he’s longing for summer, but there’s more to this song than meets the eye.

“Although this song is about wanting summer back, there’s a deeper meaning here, because I’m also talking about the two years we’ve just had and about the good time we had about before COVID,” Jamie said. “Summertime is getting back to the parties and out of lockdown is about getting back to those good times before we were all locked down and miserable.”

The music video was directed, filmed, and edited by Duncan Toombs of The Filmery in West Gosford, Central Coast, NSW. It stars Jamie and Tuffin as well as Justin Bianchi and Matt Page.

Raised in Hadspen, near Launceston, Jamie released his first EP when he was 18 and went on to become a top 10 finalist at the prestigious Star Maker talent quest at the Tamworth County Music Festival in 1997-98. He also attended the CMAA Academy of Country Music in 1998.  

Throughout his 20+ year career, he has been involved in various other projects in genres such as pop, blues, and hard rock, however, he went back to his country music roots with his self-produced 2020 release, Eleven.

Watch the video below!

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