Always First by Courtney Keil – Behind The Scenes Video Shoot

14 October 2022 | 9:54 am | Mallory Arbour

'Always First' is out now!

Courtney Keil

Courtney Keil (Image: Supplied)

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Following her her most recent release Hard Place, which debuted at #21 on the Countrytown Hot 50 Country Airplay Chart, today, Courtney Keil releases her new single, Always First

Written with long-time collaborator Rod McCormack and Nashville heavyweight, Sally Barris, the single is the type of dynamic tune fans have come to love from Courtney. Her sincerity and willingness to share her whole self in her songs is a major draw card for listeners. “I am someone who lives my life by always putting my heart first, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse,” says the singer-songwriter.

For the accompanying music video, Courtney worked alongside Jeremy Minett of Eyes and Ears Creative to bring her vision to life. “He has such a great eye for setting the scene and capturing the energy and feel of the song,” Courtney says. “The overarching concept for the video was to create a fun, light and feel-good mood and was important for me to have lots of excitement and a great atmosphere.”

Here’s an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the Always First music video.


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1. The Barn

I was looking for a rustic barn for Always First and was fortunate to find just that in the breathtaking Yarramalong Valley, which is situated 1 hour north of Sydney. I was immediately blown away by its regal but earthy and historic look, filled with beautiful furniture, fairy lights and sparkling chandeliers. It really was perfect in every way. Big shout out to Briony Cooper of the Yarramalong Valley Farmstay for her kindness and support. Even a heart (on the back wall) was there when we arrived - just meant to be!!

2. The Day

In such an idyllic location and with some heavy rain forecast, the band and crew set up quickly, thankfully without a hitch. The morning turned out to be bright and sunny and the intense warmth in the barn was quite a lovely surprise for an early spring day. As the final scenes were shot the heavens opened up and a cool breeze filled the air and the rain bucketed down.

3. The Band

One of my favourite moments of this video was with ‘my band for a day’. These guys were an incredible part of the shoot with their professionalism, focus and authenticity. Can’t thank Jacky McCormack (Guitar), Eli Knox (Drums) and Brandon Yarnold (Bass) enough for being involved. I feel very fortunate to get to work with such talented musicians!

4. The Shoot

The entire process from start to finish was seamless as videographer and director Jeremy Minett (Eyes & Ears Creative) wove his magic and kept me both relaxed and upbeat for the duration of the day. He had the innate ability to communicate and draw out exactly what he wanted from me in each of our three sets and these beautiful locations.

5. The Fairy Godmother

It was an absolute privilege to be transformed by the talented and delightful Lee Hanly Makeup Artist. Her vision and exceptional art in all areas of hair and makeup made me feel so special. Her genuine care and love for what she does always shines through, and it gave such polish and sparkle to my project.

6. The Boots

I am known affectionately as the ‘boot queen’ so I just had to weave another ‘new’ boot from the closet into this story. I thought these little beauties (found by my mother) would add a little 90s country ‘Shania Twain style’ fun and colour to the project.

7. The Distillery

With the team in convoy by mid-afternoon, we arrived at the award-winning boutique Distillery Botanica in Erina for the final shoot of the day. The rain had stopped, yay! and we had some brilliant intermittent sun bursting through the clouds as we wove our way around the garden paths and the delightful decorative rotunda. It was the icing on the cake being able to film in a 3-acre garden, filled with history and new beginnings. So thankful to Nigel and the team for allowing us on site that day.

8. The Balloons

Always First is upbeat and light so the perfect prop was some helium balloons! Who doesn’t love a balloon or two, especially something filled with confetti (AND something to match up with my ‘Shania’ boots.) It was fun and a bit challenging with lots of wind shifts during the shoot. We have quite a bit of hilarious footage with me trying to keep the balloons under control and sing at the same time - not as easy as it seems ha!


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