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Son Of A Gun & Apache Pass by Andrew Farriss – Double Video Premiere

19 August 2021 | 9:51 am | Mallory Arbour

Andrew Farriss hardly needs an introduction to music fans. In a Countrytown first, we have an exclusive premiere of videos - Son Of A Gun and Apache Pass.

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Andrew Farriss hardly needs an introduction to music fans. For the uninitiated, he is the man behind the songs that saw INXS sell more than 50-million albums throughout their career. However, these days, Andrew has ventured into pushing boundaries in the country music scene. And, in a Countrytown first, we bring you not one but two new music videos for this exclusive double premiere!

Both tracks, Son Of A Gun and Apache Pass are off Andrew's self-titled solo album, released in March 2021, which also includes his previous singles Good Momma Bad, Love Makes The World and Run Baby Run.

Son Of A Gun

Son Of A Gun is a classic wild west inspired country track. Self-penned and self-produced by Andrew, the track taps into roots, blues and Americana. 

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Andrew says, "Son Of A Gun is my vision of a tragic tale set in earlier times.  It’s about a young gunslinging outlaw, who thinks he can solve all his problems with a gun, even though his father warned him that the devil lies on both ends of a gun. However, the law eventually tracks him down to a silver mine where his fate is sealed, and he winds up in a grave. Even today this still happens.” 

The music video, directed by Duncan Toombs at the Filmery and produced by Andrew and wife Marlina Farriss at Rockingham Holdings PTY LTD, was filmed between two similar locations – Piedmont Station in Northern NSW and the ranch in Arizona where Andrew had shot other music videos. Featuring a cinematic journey of the outlaw, the music video features local cowboys who also featured in Andrew’s previous western inspired videos Come Midnight and Good Mama Bad.

Watch the music video below!

Apache Pass

Apache Pass is the track that really set the tone for Andrew's debut release. A horse-riding trip with friends Craig and Tamara Lawson was something of a life changing experience and has provided endless inspiration. For days they trekked along the Mexican border on horseback, traversing barren, uninhabited landscapes, visiting historic battle sites and learning about the tumultuous past. It had an indelible impact on Andrew.

Andrew says, "I became quite enamoured with it, it became very real to me. The spirit of the area around Apache Pass, and the nature of the whole area, on the very remote, dusty historic old Highway 80, and that whole feel of the area has to be visited to really understand it. It is this tiny little town that has a church that is all boarded up now, and a monument dedicated to where Geronimo surrendered, with just a little sign that says Apache. You look across that desert landscape and you can see the mountains in the background, and you know that is Mexico on the other side, there is something moving about that. Apache Pass, I dedicate to Craig Lawson and his family. Craig has sadly now passed away, we dedicate Apache Pass to his memory."

The video for Apache Pass is quite literally set in the old west; the majority of the video was filmed in Rodeo, Arizona USA. It is the last of Andrew's 'Old Western' style videos from his record. 

Watch the video below!

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