Raised Like That by James Johnston – Song of the Day

9 July 2021 | 9:18 am | Mallory Arbour

Raised Like That by James Johnston speaks of community, integrity, and a celebration to a way of life of people who grew up in a small close nit community.

James Johnston

James Johnston (James Johnston)

Raised Like That – the debut single by singer-songwriter, James Johnston – tells the story of community, integrity, and a celebration to a way of life of people who grew up in a small close nit community. The anthemic production and lyrics are reminiscent of Eric Church and Kip Moore and the track is undeniably infectious. It’s our Song of the Day!

Growing up in the small town of Wingham on the Mid North Coast of NSW, James spent his early years hopping from farm-to-farm with his dad, selling and servicing tractors. With hours spent on the road travelling, James was introduced to great artists like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Garth Brooks and, at just four years of age, James hit the stage for the very first time, performing Friends in Low Places in front of his kindergarten class. From that moment on James’s future was set – he would be a country singer.

Throughout his teens, James and his family would spend most weekends travelling and performing on any stage that would take him. In 2008, James graduated from high school and gave himself a year to “give music a crack”. Eight months later, he achieved another milestone in his music career by placing third in Australian Idol.

With his passion for music flamed by the Idol experience, James bought a van and set out on the great Australian road trip, playing every little town and every pub he could find. After a few years of living show-to-show and armed with a swag of money-can’t-buy experiences, James knew that it was time to find his sound and headed to Nashville, Tennessee for the next adventure. Taking in each moment of his time in Nashville and combined with the stories of his time travelling around Australia, he has now written over 200 songs and is ready to hit the next milestone in his career.

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