More Than A Woman by Natalie Henry - Premiere

28 July 2021 | 10:20 am | Mallory Arbour

Natalie Henry takes a frank measure of life after leavin’ the slow and steady comforts of her old familiar in her new single, More Than A Woman.

On the back of a comedown from the euphoria and chaos, Newcastle singer-songwriter, Natalie Henry takes a resoundingly frank measure of life after leavin’ the slow and steady comforts of her old familiar in her new single, More Than A Woman – and Countrytown has your first listen for this exclusive premiere.

Self-penned, with each line penned as though she forgot the question mark – Natalie wages that reassurance oughta come cheap as she lilts between bargaining chips feeble and anguished – herself the one not buying: “If I pray real hard and drive real fast, I won’t look back ... no, I’ll never look back”.

Natalie wrote on facebook, "More Than A Woman is gonna’ open me up and expose me like bein’ left naked in a hall of mirrors. Now, sometimes in life you’re gonna’ have thoughts and feelins’ that you’d never dare tell another ... they leave you feelin’ confused, maybe like a sin, maybe like a curse. And hell, we’re all walk-in’ around projectin’ what fits and conforms but how often are we sharin’ the shadows? What would you give to know you’re not alone? More Than A Woman is a story many women in my particular stylin’ of boots experience but bury deep."

More Than A Woman follows Natalie's previous alt-country track, Weed, Wine and Women. Both singles will appear on her recently crowd-funded forthcoming album. Raising an impressive $15,000, the album was produced by multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Catherine Britt and Michael Muchow from Moko Productions and recorded at Rocking Horse Studios in the Bryon Bay hinterland. Both music videos were directed by Jazmyn Produces.

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Natalie is also the first artist to be signed to Britt’s 2020-established independent record label, Beverley Hillbilly Records, and will release her forthcoming second album in September. In 2016, Natalie and her ex-husband Brock Henry released their debut album, Cold Love as The Wayward Henrys and in 2019, she released her debut solo record, Apple & Pride.

Keep up to date with Natalie Henry on her Facebook page here.

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