Make It Slow by Emily Hatton – Video Premiere

21 May 2021 | 8:00 am | Mallory Arbour

CountryTown is proud to premiere the accompanying music video by Melbourne-based country-pop singer-songwriter, Emily Hatton for Make It Slow.

CountryTown is proud to premiere the accompanying music video by Melbourne-based country-pop singer-songwriter, Emily Hatton for her new single, Make It Slow. The song was recorded at Spinlight Studio in Newcastle, and produced by Emily, Rhys Zacher as well as Tim Tricky and Lachlan "Dusty" Coffey from Hurricane Fall.

Written by Emily, Make It Slow paints a vivid picture of an enchanting encounter by Emily herself on the snow-covered peaks of Mount Hotham, the sound reflective of the magical and romantic innocence of the time. It details the fragile first hours of meeting and getting to know someone when it just ‘clicks’.

Directed and shot by Jay Seeney from Blacklist Productions atop Mount Hotham, with visual story by Christabel Taylor-Brown, the rom-com mini-movie music video is based on a real, romantic encounter. Starring Joel Cullinane and Emily herself, Make it Slow takes viewers through a touching journey, from the spark of meeting someone new, to the warmth of feeling like you've known them "for a lifetime before."

Emily says, "It's about relishing in the beauty of a moment, because you never know when you’ll get another one like it. It’s my snow-globe-in-a-song. This story brings to light the romantic, hopeful part of my soul, and immortalises it with a magical innocence."

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The instrumentation, featuring Clare O'Meara on the fiddle, reflects this notion, revealing a vulnerability and a purity that pulls at the heartstrings.

Emily’s first taste for performance came at 5 years old, when she developed a love of musical theatre and would perform in every school production she could. Her vocal training began at the same time and continued throughout her high school years including involvement in the choir, concert choir, a doo wop group and further study in group and solo performance.

At 17, her focus and inspiration shifted towards the likes of The Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton and Alison Krauss. By 19, Emily had discovered the guitar and a love for songwriting, stemming from her desire to turn her emotions into words and poetic messages about her own experiences.

Emily recently placed runner-up in the SongTuner’s Songwriting Competition, and was also shortlisted as a Top 40 finalist (out of over 4000 entries) for the Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition for her previous single, Why’d You Have To. Emily's upcoming EP is available now for pre-order.

Watch the video below!

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