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Like Hank Would demonstrates growth for Melody Moko - Video Premiere

11 September 2020 | 2:07 pm | Staff Writer

CountryTown is excited to premiere the music video for Melody Moko's latest single Like Hank Would! It's sad, confronting but, in a way, cathartic.

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CountryTown is very excited to premiere the music video for Melody Moko's latest single Like Hank Would. The track comes along with the release of her new album 'Two Kids and A Radio'.

The video for Like Hank Would features Melody drowning her misery with alcohol in an empty home. It's confronting but, in a way, cathartic taking our sadness and stuffing it into a bottle then down the drain.

"Like Hank Would is my first ever drinking song, if you are a country singer you have to have one. This one isn't so much about celebrating drinking but focuses on how we use it as a crutch when we are sad. The clip and the song are truly an honest portrayal of struggles I've faced with mental health and the coping mechanisms that I've fallen back on. Much like Hank, that great but tragic legend of country music." Said Melody

In Like Hank Would and 'Two Kids and A Radio', Melody shows a new maturity in both the depth of her emotion and her raw talent. Since her last album, Melody has grown, she's older and decisively better.

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"I feel like The Wreckage was my life PG and pretty, still figuring out how I wanted to tell my story, just nudging at it and testing the waters. This new record is the MA version, the indie film, the nude scenes, the gross things and the stuff that makes viewers or listeners uncomfortable but needs to be said." Said Melody.

For more Melody Moko, the wonderful Catherine Britt included her in her Front Deck Boom Box. Check it out here.