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Hot Beer by Dillon Carmichael – Song of the Day

21 July 2021 | 2:57 pm | Mallory Arbour

Written with Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps and HARDY, our Song of the Day is Hot Beer by singer-songwriter, Dillon Carmichael.

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Written with Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps and HARDY, our Song of the Day is Hot Beer by singer-songwriter, Dillon Carmichael, off his recent EP release of the same name.

Carmichael faces the wrath of an unhinged ex in the Hot Beer music video, directed by Jim Wright. Jon Pardi, who produced the song along with a couple others from the Hot Beer EP, makes an appearance later in the video.

Carmichael says, “During the quarantine situation, in March, April, Jon Pardi and I started discussing working together and creating music, and he would be producing. We were looking for songs, and a good, great songwriter friend of mine gave me some good advice. He said, ‘Dillon man, don’t be so prideful to where you only cut songs you wrote. Elvis didn’t write all his songs you know, some of his biggest hits were written by other people. So always keep your ear open for great songs. Even if you did not write them.’”

He adds, “When I heard it, I just knew, because nobody likes hot beer. Except for this one guy named Brian that I know in Ohio who loves hot beer for some reason, but other than that, nobody likes hot beer. And, man, I just knew it was gonna speak to people. Not only that, I love the melody. Also, I’m friends with Hardy. Pardi is friends with Hardy. It just came full circle man. Those full circle moments are organic and they speak to me. I was like, man this is it.”

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The EP also features a cover of the Montgomery Gentry hit Lucky Man, a nod to the fact that Carmichael is the nephew of John Michael Montgomery and Eddie Montgomery of the country music duo. The six-track project follows Carmichael’s 2018 debut, the Dave Cobb-produced Hell on an Angel.

Carmichael grew up in the small town of Burgin, Kentucky. Inspired by his father, uncles and mother who were all involved in music, he fell in love with country legends like Waylon Jennings and Vern Gosdin alongside the rock and roll he heard on the radio as a kid, and by the time he hit his teens, he was writing his own songs and performing live. After finishing high school, Carmichael relocated to Nashville, where he earned a publishing deal at the tender age of 18.

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