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6 October 2020 | 4:00 pm | Staff Writer

Home (Feels Like You) touches on, 2020 Toyota Star Marker winner, Sammy White's made-do upbringing. It's a gorgeous, heartfelt tune.

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Home (Feels Like You) touches on Sammy White's made-do upbringing and it's a gorgeous, heartfelt tune for today's Song Of The Day.

Her new single Home (Feels Like You) touches on Sammy White's make-do upbringing through both the warm sound and comforting lyricism. In the song she paints a picture of her small town family through the early years of her life. It's a nostalgic wind, perfect for easy Sunday afternoons.

“I grew up on my Nan and Pop’s hobby farm just north of Townsville city. Between the five of us, with my mum and older brother, we didn’t have a lot, but always made do. To this day, Poppy is still one of my favorite people. When I’m home, I spend at least half my time with him. Unfortunately Nan passed in 2017. Her paintings coat the walls of our house and make it feel that little bit less empty. She was my number one fan (biased Granny’s always are, right?). She really was something. I penned this song with Jarred Taylor back in 2018, shortly after losing Nan. I’ve always been an 'emotionally fuelled' writer. When we sat down for this write, it was the perfect pairing and timing, and the song just flowed out.” said Sammy.

Home (Feels Like You) is the latest single from Sammy's upcoming debut album 'Undone' which will arrive on Friday, November 13.

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Earlier this year, Sammy became the 41st winner of the Toyota Star Maker. The success places Sammy among Toyota Star Marker alumni including Keith Urban, Lee Kernaghan, Travis Collins, Sam McClymont, Brad Cox and Blake O'Connor.

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