Cross Country by Breland featuring Mickey Guyton – Song of the Day

23 March 2021 | 1:56 pm | Mallory Arbour

The country, hip-hop, R&B, gospel and pop collaboration single Cross Country by Breland and Mickey Guyton is our Song of the Day!

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Combining country, hip hop, R&B, gospel and pop, Cross Country is an acoustic guitar-laced track about finding one’s place in the world, and reflects on Breland's journey to this point in his career - beginning as a professional songwriter in New Jersey, moving to Atlanta, before settling in Nashville. The 25-year-old originally released the solo version of Cross Country back in February, and announced the collaboration version – which is our Song of the Day! – with Mickey Guyton earlier this week.

He wrote on Instagram, “SURPRISE!!! This Friday *3/19* I’ve got my sis @mickeyguyton, fresh off a GRAMMY nomination and performance, on a new version of #CrossCountry to share her story with the world.”

The song was written by Breland, Sam Sumser, Sean Small, and Will Gittens.

Breland says, "The song is my personal story about how I became an artist, but Cross Country the movement is about redefining genre to dismantle music boundaries and inspire dialogue. Anything that's involving elements of country, songwriting, storytelling, instrumentation, and hip hop or R&B or dance or rock or whatever would fall under this umbrella term of cross country that kind of redefines what genre is.”

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He adds, "There are a lot of stories that never get told that need to be told. Music is one of those things that unites people and gives us common ground and so regardless of where you're from or what you believe in, what you look like, those moments where you're listening to a song with someone, or in a group of people, or when you're creating that song, the boundaries that we were taught to believe in disappear."

Breland first gained notoriety in 2020 with the release of My Truck. The song peaked at no. 26 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, and Breland also released a remixed version with Sam Hunt. Both versions of the song are found on his Breland EP, released in May 2020. He also released the EP, Rage & Sorrow, in June 2020.

Breland previously collaborated with Chase Rice and Lauren Alaina on the track In The Woulds, and with country artist Tiera on her single Miles, released earlier this month. He and Keith Urban also co-wrote two songs for Urban's 2020 album, Speed of Now Part 1. Breland is scheduled to release his debut full-length album in 2021.

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