Why We’re Convinced The Masked Singer’s Blowfly Is Shannon Noll

10 August 2022 | 10:10 am | Mallory Arbour

The Masked Singer Australia is currently playing on Network 10.

Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll (Image: via Facebook)

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The Masked Singer Australia, the reality television singing competition show based on the South Korean series The King of Mask Singer, has returned for its fourth season on Network 10.

The new batch of unknown celebrities are being guessed by the new panel of judges consisting of The Spice Girls’ Mel B, radio presenter Abbie Chatfield, television presenter Chrissie Swan and returning judge Dave 'Hughsey' Hughes as well as its avid viewers.

Last night, Blowfly took the stage to perform Adele’s Easy On Me and then battled it out with Thong with Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Show, who was revealed as Australian actress Pia Miranda

Social media was alight with fans convinced Blowfly is none other than Shannon Noll. We tend to agree – his voice is distinguishable and the clues, well, we’ll get to that in a second…

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In episode one, Blowfly said, ''I'm Blowfly, you know there's flies like me all over the world but I'm Aussie as. There's nothing I like more than cruising in a big V8, or maybe a high-five. Blowflies know the highs and the lows. Those days of innocence are behind me and now I am the possessor of much wisdom. For a Blowfly, I don't take crap from no one and that's why I'll win The Masked Singer.''

In episode three, he added, “I’m Blowfly and you can find me all over Australia. I’ve fought really hard to get to the top of my little hill or am I King Of The Mountain? I’m never afraid to ask the dumb questions or to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. I know I can be loud, maybe a bit wild. And it almost cost me family some important jewellery. I’ve spent my time in the sun, including some of my darkest days. But I am a phoenix. I’m the Blowfly and I’m buzzing to win The Masked Singer.”  

So, let’s look at the clues:

You’d be hard pressed to find someone as true blue as Noll. There’s also no doubt you can find him “all over Australia” considering his numerous tours, including many charity gigs. To date, he has donated well over $1 million to charities, including all proceeds from two of his singles.

Noll spent his childhood and teenage years “in the sun” on the family farm and has had his fair share of darkest days, with his troubled past and battles with depression and drug usage. The days of innocence and phoenix “rising from the ashes” could reference him being in a better place, which is heavily detailed in his highly personal, fifth studio album, Unbroken (2018). Noll also has a tattoo of a phoenix on his right arm and the Southern Cross on his chest.

The ”I don’t take crap from no one”, I mean, have you seen his outburst after a crowd member threw a can of beer on stage during his gig at the Duck Creek Picnic Races in Nyngan in 2018? 

"Dumb questions", what about me?, he asks.

“Cruising in a big V8” could be a reference to his second single, Drive, where he sings about his “big black shiny car.” As well as his known interest in cars, his first solo headline tour was titled The Overdrive Tour and he was set to star in the film, King of the Mountain, based loosely on the life of Australian racer Peter Brock. Noll also hosted an automotive and life show on Network 10 titled Cruise Mode with former Hi-5 (“high-five”) member, Charli Robinson.  

Noll also had ten consecutive singles in top 10. His track Loud, from his third album Turn It Up, was heavily used in various promotions, namely the 2007 NRL Finals Series. “Wisdom” could also be a reference to his song Wise from his 2004 debut album, That’s What I’m Talking About. “Time in the sun” may be referencing his cover of the Brian Melo song Summertime off his 2008 compilation album or his fourth studio album, A Million Suns (2011) too.

Visual clues allude to being born in Orange, first band Cypress, childhood raising sheep, time in court, performing at Oktoberfest and his rendition of the cricket anthem, C’mon Aussie C’mon. We also know Noll is a fan of reality television, having previously competed on Australian Idol in 2003, Dancing with the Stars in 2012and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in 2018.

Do you think Blowfly is Shannon Noll too? What clues did we miss?

Listen to Blowfly’s performance of Miley CyrusMidnight Sky below and judge for yourself.