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US Americana Radio Success For Aus Act

11 October 2023 | 2:59 pm | Mary Varvaris

"We’re so thrilled by (and grateful for) the support we’re getting from radio in the US of A for our record."

The Pleasures

The Pleasures (Source: Supplied)

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The Pleasures – Australian country music duo Catherine Britt and Lachlan Bryan – continue to find success in the US, with their debut album, The Beginning Of The End, gaining major traction on Americana radio.

“We’re so thrilled by (and grateful for) the support we’re getting from radio in the US of A for our record,” the pair wrote on social media last week. “Thanks to the 40+ stations spinning the album on rotation and the presenters and programmers tirelessly bringing new, great music to peoples’ ears each and every week.”

The duo’s post was shared after The Beginning Of The End landed an eighth week (and counting) in the Americana Music Association (AMA) Top 50 Albums and debuted in the AMA Top 50 Singles. While their music isn’t in the Top 50 Singles chart this week, The Beginning Of The End is still in the Albums Chart at #50 – hopefully, The Pleasures leap back up.

The Pleasures broke into the US AirPlay Chart in August, reaching #36 on the Top 50 Albums Chart with The Beginning Of The End. With their charting position, they joined artists like Jason Isbell, Lucinda Williams, Lukas Nelson and Grace Potter - just to name a few.

Britt and Bryan formed The Pleasures in November 2021 to release real, authentic country and Americana music. “Lachlan and I have always clicked in life and in song, and we’ve always had an unspoken understanding and respect for one another,” Britt said, revealing the group’s formation at the time.

“These songs came so easy - they flowed out of us like a raging stream. I just want more honest, real music in the world, and I couldn’t think of a better person to make it with!”

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Bryan added, “I don’t think I know anyone else who feels and understands country music the way Catherine does. She sounds authentic because she is authentic. When she opens her mouth and sings, you can hear the neon lights buzzing, you can taste the tequila, and you can barely see for the cloud of smoke. It’s all that stuff that people try and fake – they try and put in on – but it’s like she was just born with it.”

The Pleasures released The Beginning Of The End in early August 2023. To celebrate the album, Britt and Bryan offered Countrytown an exclusive track-by-track meaning behind each song.