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Tyla Rodrigues Announces First Independent Release

18 April 2024 | 12:08 pm | Emma Newbury

“I just wasn't sure for a long time whether I wanted to release it or just keep it for myself...”

Tyla Rodrigues

Tyla Rodrigues (Image: Supplied)

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Queensand’s Tyla Rodrigues continues to cut her teeth in the country scene with the announcement of her first independent release, which will reach streaming platforms on Tuesday, 23 April.

The news was announced via Rodrigues’ socials, with a snippet of the song’s intro. By the introduction we are given, the new single Straight Outlaw is set to be more of a moodier, sullen ballad compared to Rodrigues’ past discography. The artist took to Instagram before her arrival at the QMA’s last night to give some more insight on the new track:

“I just wanted to jump on and say thank you so much to everyone who has shared, pre-saved, sent messages; for all of the love around Straight Outlaw. I am super excited to get this one out,” she began. 

“It is a song that's very, very special to me, but I just wasn't sure for a long time whether I wanted to release it or just, I guess keep it for myself, and I guess it is a little bit left of centre from the rest of the stuff that I've written or released,” Rodrigues admitted. 

NEW MUSIC APRIL 23 🤠 the one I’ve been sitting on for a long while. A very personal one for me and one that I get so...

Posted by Tyla Rodrigues Music on Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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“...But I just decided that I wanted to put it out there because I had a lot of people telling me at live shows and posting things about it, that they love it which really means a lot to me. So I took the leap, and I decided to put it out. It's one of the first songs I’m doing completely independent so like I said, it really means the world to me to see so many of you sharing it and presenting it.”

The track was produced by producer and session musician Rusty Crook, who is known for his previous work at RCA Studios and production for country stars Katie Brooke and Jemma Beech. Crook also worked on Rodrigues’ track Way Out West, so we can expect consistency with quality. 

If you’re itching to hear Straight Outlaw live, Rodrigues will debut the single at Johnny Ringo’s on April 26th and 27th before heading off to Kilkivan Bush Camp at the start of May.