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Travis Collins Shares "Amazing" Baby News: 'My Heart Is Full'

13 June 2023 | 12:34 pm | Mallory Arbour

"Life is amazing. My heart is full."

Travis Collins

Travis Collins (Image: Supplied)

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Travis Collins and his wife, Bec Collins have revealed they are expecting their second child, a boy.

The Raise Me singer took to social media to share the exciting news, along with a photo of the happy couple with 19-month daughter, Ava Violet, and a sonogram of the new bub.

“Beyond excited to announce we're expecting baby Collins #2 later this year... A boy this time,” he wrote. “Bec is an incredible mamma, and now we get to watch Ava be a 'big sis'. Life is amazing. My heart is full. Bring on the chaos!!”

Beyond excited to announce we're expecting baby Collins #2 later this year.. A boy this time. Bec is an incredible...

Posted by Travis Collins on Sunday, June 11, 2023

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Collins’ latest track, Raise Me is a sweet ode to his daughter. 

He said, “[This song is] the most special, and vulnerable thing I've ever released... We get so focused on how we're shaping and growing our little humans, we forget to acknowledge how much they shape and grow us.”

It’s the fourth song from his forthcoming album, Any Less Anymore, due for release this Friday, June 16.   

Working with Stuart Stuart, Collins collaborated with songwriters from around the globe including The Wolfe Brothers and Lindsay Ell. The album also features the already released singles, One Of Them Nights, Any Less Anymore and Just The Way.

Collins explained, “Any Less Anymore is about making the most of each day, learning to appreciate yourself, family, and the moment. Mostly, it’s about growing up, learning who you are and dare I admit, maybe even becoming mature.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve all had life changed or disrupted in some way, professionally or personally. It was both for me. Like most in the music business, it was a major sidelining and ‘time out’ for who I was, and what I do. Initially, that was terrifying. However, as we went further forward, I tried to embrace change, and I learned it wasn’t all bad.

“For the first time in my adult life, I had to learn be still. Calm. In one place. Which was tough for a guy whose wife calls him ‘Jet Stream’. Turns out it was the reset and break I didn’t even know I needed. Physically, mentally, emotionally. 

“Until 2020, my life was dedicated to one thing only, so when I couldn’t do or ‘be’ that, I began looking within and asking myself “who am I, now?” This album is kind of my journal of that period, the thoughts I had, feelings I felt, and lessons I learned.

“The following year and a half became some of the best times of my life so far... Despite losing what I’d always thought was the cornerstone of my identity, I felt like I got to see the first real glimpses of my true self... Husband, Father, Neighbour, Brother, Friend, Son. The real stuff.

“There’s a lot on this record about ‘perspective’. That’s what the past two years have been about, and what my path forward is about. It’s surreal to say, but I’m grateful for the past two years, and I’m proud of these songs about that time in my life.”

Collins is considered one of Australia’s finest country music artists. He burst onto the scene in 2005 with Start the Car, establishing himself as a leading light in Australian song. Nine studio albums later, he is a regular mainstage fixture at Australia’s peak country music festivals, and routinely plays to sold-out crowds across the country.

Collins will also open for Midland during their upcoming The Last Resort: Greetings From tour this August-September.


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