Tori Forsyth Drops Shining New Single 'All We Are'

21 March 2024 | 3:48 pm | Ellie Robinson

It comes as our fourth preview of her new album, 'All We Have Is Who We Are', which is due out in May.

Tori Forsyth

Tori Forsyth (Credit: Eliza Mullins)

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Tori Forsyth has returned to the spotlight today (March 21), sharing a shining new single called All We Are.

It comes as our fourth preview of Forsyth’s upcoming third studio album, All We Have Is Who We Are, following the release of the Shane Nicholson-assisted Sometimes last September, Made Your Bed last November, and the Kasey Chambers-assisted Good Enough back in January. As the local alt-country artist announced alongside the lattermost single, the LP itself is primed for release on May 3.

Though it’s not technically the album’s title track, a press release notes that All We Are sets the tone for it, kicking things off on a wild note. Forsyth herself said of its genesis: “It’s about peeling the layers apart to understand that bad things don't make you bad and good things don’t make you good. You just are. And it's okay to accept all of the parts of yourself. And at the end of the day, that's all we have to fall back on.”

Forsyth went on to describe All We Are as “an ode to the place that brought me back to the foundations of who I am”, Belladonna Hollow. That place, she says, is “a magical healing place of self-discovery and wonder”, as well as “the springboard [for[ my ultimate mission of seeking joy and not wallowing in my own self-pity”.

She added: “That joy and happiness is available to all. [Belladonna Hollow is] the place where I learned that self-deprecation and pity is not a heroic gesture, it's merely a self-fulfilling narcissistic prophecy that has been taught and spread across this generation of low self-esteem. We deserve wonderful, lovely things, our neighbours do too and when we have true joy in our hearts this will spread and create joy in the world. I am imperfect in this, but the notion is the bookmark I'll use in each chapter of my life.”

Accompanying the drop is a video directed by Bradley Murnane, who also helmed the visuals for the last three of Forsyth’s releases. Like those, this clip was shot on location in Eudlo, Queensland, with – as Murnane said in a statement of his own – “a blend of Tori’s strong visual demeanour” and “a vulnerability in the form of her beautiful horse”.

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Murnane expounded on the sentiment that steers the video: “Opening oneself to trust is difficult as it’s usually tainted by experiences but its world shifting and will take you places. Throughout this record, Tori has opened her heart and bared the fruits of the lesson’s life teaches us. That eventually, we all return to ourselves and we are our own answer.”

Have a look at the video below:

Earlier this month, Forsyth announced an east coast tour in support of All We Have Is Who We Are. The stint will kick off in Sydney on Friday May 17, with shows in Newcastle, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast following in quick succession. Head here for more details on all the dates.