The Countrytown & KIX Country Centre Stage Artist is Ella & Sienna

20 March 2023 | 8:00 pm | Emma Whines

Countrytown in partnership with KIX Country is proud to announce Ella & Sienna as our ‘Centre Stage’ artist of the week.

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Countrytown in partnership with KIX Country is proud to announce singer-songwriter duo, Ella & Sienna as this week’s ‘Centre Stage’ artist. Every week we'll be shining a light on a single artist across all platforms including online features, airplay, and social support.

Ella & Sienna, a sister duo from Adelaide Hills, South Australia, are only 19 and 17 years old respectively and are already making waves in the country music scene. While juggling typical teen commitments like university, high school, work and sports, the girls have been working tirelessly in the studio and on stage, perfecting their sound and people are taking notice.

With diverse influences from artists including Missy Higgins, Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift, the multi-instrumentalist siblings have formed a pop/country/folk sound that is all their own. Ella & Sienna's voices alone command the crowd, and their harmonies weave deeply heartfelt lyrics with such effortlessness that they never fail to leave a lasting impression.

In 2022, the sisters won the Groundwater Kix-Start competition, which set them on a path to success and allowed them to open the Surf Parade Stage at Groundwater Country Music Festival (CMF) in October of last year. 

Recently the duo have released their debut E.P titled Seven Ways To Say You're Fine. The new release includes a wealth of new songs including the majorly popular singles Next To Mine and Saved, which featured on radio stations across the country and airplay and sales charts. Their debut single, Next to Mine, spent an impressive 8 weeks in the Countrytown Hot 50 Country Airplay Chart, peaking at #32. Both singles were added to high rotation on ABC Country Radio, and the music video for Saved has been recently added to high rotation on CMT.

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On the new release, the girls stated that "Seven Ways To Say You’re Fine is a collection of seven songs we have written from the beginning of our exploration into music.

"These songs reflect the most honest and vulnerable version of ourselves at different points in time during the teenage years of our lives."

Keep up to date with Ella & Sienna on their Facebook page here