Support Act Releases Guide To Sexual Misconduct, Bullying & Discrimination

24 January 2023 | 10:00 am | Mary Varvaris

The Aussie music charity is helping artists identify misconduct, bullying and discrimination and offers support services.

(Source: Support Act)

Support Act, Australia's leading music charity, has launched a guide into sexual misconduct, bullying, and discrimination. The goal of the guide is to help artists identify when they're being mistreated and what to do if they're in that situation.

The guide arrives in response to the unacceptable levels of harassment, bullying and discrimination in the Australian music industry, identified in its own research and the Music Industry Review’s Raising Their Voices report.

It will act as a checkpoint for individuals affected by sexual harm, harassment, bullying and discrimination while working in the music industry.

The guide answers the questions: what is sexual harassment/assault? What can you do to stop harassment, bullying and discrimination? What steps to take if you’ve been sexually assaulted, and other support services. 

"This well-researched and up-to-date Guide contains important information regarding resources and support for anyone who has experienced sexual misconduct, bullying or discrimination," Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act, says. "It forms part of a suite of resources that Support Act is developing to help create mentally healthy workplaces, and support sustained culture and behaviour change across our industry."

Miller adds, "As the music industry’s leading charity and wellbeing advocate, we strongly encourage and promote safety, mental health and wellbeing best practice across all sectors of the industry, and invite music industry workplaces and employers to partner with us in this commitment by signing up to our Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry via the website, if they haven’t already done so."

Support Act's Wellbeing Helpline now offers confidential, free services to people who call about sexual assault. The service is available 247. Arts workers can call 1800 959 500, option 5, for the Sexual Health and Safety Support Line.  

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Last year's Ausmusic T-shirt Day raised a whopping $600,000+ for music workers in crisis, setting a new record. 

Held on Friday the 18th of November, music lovers from all over the country wore their favourite merch. They celebrated the incredible work of Support Act, who aid musicians, managers, crew, and music workers through crisis relief, mental health and well-being programs, funeral support, and the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline. 

From major artists to industry heads, it seems that Support Act has had their biggest year yet, with support coming in at every angle. Some of Australia's favourite faces threw their weight behind the cause, including Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Mauboy, Darren Hayes, Casey Donovan and Kylie Minogue.

Over 700 fundraisers from individual legends and major organisations participated in the event. Sennheiser ANZ, YouTube Music/YouTube/Google AU, and Cold Chisel were the three biggest fundraising groups, raising over $65,000 collectively.