Southbound xo’s Missy Lancaster Undergoing Tests Following Seizure: 'I’m In Good Spirits'

19 June 2023 | 11:36 am | Staff Writer

“Last week I had a seizure and smashed my head and knocked myself out as I was getting in the shower.”

Missy Lancaster

Missy Lancaster (Image: via Facebook)

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Southbound xo’s Missy Lancaster is undergoing a series of tests following a nasty fall that resulted in a concussion. Lancaster also revealed that she has been having seizures all her life.

“Last week I had a seizure and smashed my head (have been doing it all my life, have just been able to manage it) and knocked myself out as I was getting in the shower,” Lancaster shared via social media. “This time I had a pretty bad whack to my head (the joys of concussion), but this time was a lot worse than I've had previously.”

She continued, “Starting all my tests tomorrow and currently unable to drive until I'm given the all clear of what’s happening in my brain and why it’s happening, which could be a few weeks or months… not convenient when my work is in lots of different parts of the state and country so I'm hoping we get some answers soon.

“Hopefully it just comes down to stress as it’s been a massive six months, but if I'm a little quiet on here it’s cos I'm not doing anything exciting other than cooking and watching tv and going to the beach (which I think is fun any who) and am just trying to avoid whatever happened last week from happening again by relaxing and staying as stress free as possible! … Lots of cooking and relaxing in the coming weeks, but I will keep you updated as to how it all goes!!”

“I’m in good spirits though, another story to add to the books,” she concluded, along with a laughing emoji.

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According to, “Seizures are caused by rapid and uncoordinated electrical firing in the brain. This can cause temporary abnormalities in behaviours, movements (such as alternating stiffening and jerking of the arms and legs), sensations or a loss of consciousness or altered consciousness level.” 

Additionally, seizures are classified into three major groups: focal onset, generalised onset and unknown onset.

On May 6, 2023, Lancaster got married to her long-time beau, Sam, in a romantic beachside wedding in Shoal Bay, NSW, surrounded by friends and family. Lancaster donned a strapless lace grown with long veil and tulle detachable sleeves, while her husband wore a light coloured suit, white shirt and brown loafers. Rachael Fahim and Southbound xo member Sarah Bernardo were part of the wedding party.

Following a trip to New Zealand, which saw them play Top Paddock Music Festival in Gore on the South Island, Southbound xo is set to drop their next single, Boat, on June 23. It follows their collaborative single, Buy You A Drink, alongside Tim Hicks and Austin Burke.

Lancaster is also an established solo artist who released her debut EP, Missy in 2016 and her debut album, Piece Of Me in 2018. The album charted at #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Artist Charts, #1 on iTunes Country Album Chart and #2 on the ARIA Country Chart. Her last single release was Wild in 2020.

Keep up to date with Missy Lancaster on her Facebook page here.
Keep up to date with Southbound xo on their Facebook page here.