PICTURES: Kane & Katelyn Brown Welcome Baby Boy

21 June 2024 | 9:37 am | Mary Varvaris

Krewe Allen Brown joins the list of ‘K’ names, as the couple already have two daughters, Kingsley and Kodi.

Kane Brown

Kane Brown (Image: Supplied)

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This week, country star Kane Brown and his wife (and duet partner) Katelyn welcomed their third child and first baby boy, Krewe.

The husband and wife revealed the news by sharing a series of photos on Instagram. Krewe Allen Brown was born on Tuesday, 18 June.

In the photos, Kane and Katelyn cradle their newborn son before sharing a photo zoomed in on his feet. They captioned the joint post, “Krewe Allen Brown 6.18 🩵”.

Krewe joins the list of ‘K’ names, as the couple already have two daughters, Kingsley and Kodi.

You can view the photos of Krewe and his parents below.

Back in January, Kane Brown shared a gorgeous gender reveal video for Krewe.

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Taking to Instagram, the I Can Feel It singer unveiled a reaction video with a smile plastered on his face as he looked at Kingsley dressed like a scientist. The camera then panned to a cake on the table, and Brown told his daughter that the colour in the middle would reveal if Katelyn were having a girl or boy.

Using champagne glasses, the family cut into the cake with the writing “What will the baby be?” on it, revealing that they’re expecting “baby boy Brown.”

The news arrived after Brown surprised the world on Christmas Day, sharing that he and Katelyn were expecting their third child. Sharing a beautiful image of the family dressed in white and grey in front of their Christmas tree, Kingsley Rose held Katelyn’s ultrasound photo, revealing her pregnancy.

In the cheeky caption, Brown wrote, “Last Christmas of 4 🎄❤️ Merry Christmas everyone!!”

Last Friday (14 June), Brown teased a new track about his daughters titled Backseat Driver.

The song's snippet includes the lyrics: “One day I'll look back / And I'll miss when / My whole world wasn't over that dash / It was back there buckled in / Saying Daddy look, there's a plane in the sky.” 

Captioning the video, Brown said, “Anyone with daughters or just kids in general! Hope this song hits hard for you.”

Katelyn replied, “I have cried to many times listening to this …. I can hear her voice asking all those questions. most beautiful real song.”